Realtime Gaming casinos offer many great slot machines. One of the best is Mid Life Crisis slots. This game has a lot to offer players who are interested in fun and big jackpots. Who doesn’t fit that mold? As a progressive jackpot machine you can be rest assured that the jackpots are big (starting at $25k), and that you will have a good time chasing after the big money. Even though many people feel that Mid Life Crisis slots are the perfect game for male players, females love what it has to offer as well.

The Details

This slot game features five reels and nine paylines. A pay table button is located next to the machine. This allows you to see just how much money you can win, as well as what you need to do to come out on top. You do not have to do anything to see what the progressive jackpot is, though. This number is displayed at the very bottom, and is big enough for you to see even if you are not looking for it. The progressive jackpot starts at $25,000.

The only way to play Mid Life Crisis slots is by betting a quarter. You can betmore than $.25, but this is the only denomination that can be used. The maximum bet is 45 coins or $11.25.

Sports Car Symbol

Men who go through a mid life crisis often times get interested in buying a sports car. This is one symbol that you shouldn’t mind seeing when playing Mid Life Crisis slots. If you land five sports car symbols you will win either the $100k sports car jackpot or $100k in cash. These prizes are in addition to the large progressive jackpot.

How to Play

The steps to playing are easy:

  1. Select up to nine lines to bet on.
  2. Decide how many credits to bet. You can wager anywhere from one to five credits. If you want to bet the max amount you can use the “Bet Max” button.
  3. Press the “Spin Reel” button to start the game.
  4. Wait to see how much money you win!

My Experience

You are not going to win every wager at Mid Life Crisis slots, but you have a very good chance of adding to your bankroll. This is because the payouts tend to be pretty high when you do win.

Even though I never went through a mid life crisis, this is one of my all-time favorite online slot machines. Not only are they a system-wide progressive game, which means the progressive is shared, so it increases quickly. But they also offer an easy to follow format with great graphics. If you are a Realtime Gaming fan, you should give this one a try.

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