When Mama’s in the kitchen cooking up cash you know it is time to play Mama’s Millions slot machines. This machine from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT)has a unique theme, complete with an old lady (Mama) who is more or less in charge of your entire experience from start to finish. While some old ladies can be crabby, Mama is anything but – she is there to help you win!


These slot machines are part of VGT’s popular library of three reel mechanical games. This means that you do not have to worry about advanced features, confusing video, or over the top sound bytes. Instead, your focus is on playing and winning. With three reels and one payline even beginners know what needs to be done when playing this game.

A three coin maximum wager is in place. Betting denominations include: $.25, $1, $3, and $5. This makes for a minimum bet of $.25 and a maximum of $15. The top award is 2,500 credits – you do not need to bet the maximum to qualify for the top payout.

Red Screen Free Spin Feature

With the Red Screen Free Spin feature you are not going to be playing with your own money for very long. This allows you to win many free spins along the way, with no limit.

Some casinos also equip their Mama’s Millions slot machines with Bonus Blast games from VGT. They include: Jade Dragon 8’s, Jewel’s dream, Pick a Safe, Lucky Pluck, Victory Lap, Rainin’ Rubies, Winning Wheel, Pick a Pot, and Pick a Duck.

VGT has this to say about Mama’s Millions slot machines: Cookin’ up cash! If you want to spend time in the kitchen with Mama, while having the chance to win a lot of money, this game is the perfect choice.

My Experience

I have yet to see this game in any of my regular indian casinos. However, this game is based on the same three reel platform as many other VGT games. This is a tried and true platform that tends to be exciting, and almost always leads to free spins. That said, if you see this one out there definitely give it a go.

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