Major Bucks Slots (Oklahoma Slot Machine Game Review)

Major Bucks slot machines from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) is a popular military themed game that receives attention from beginners as well as advanced players. Although there are many games in VGT’s three reel mechanical slot library, this one always attracts a lot of attention – mainly because of its theme. Based on the Live Call Bingo platform players can expect a stable playing environment that is full of fun, profits, and much more.


Major Bucks slots are configured with three mechanical reels and one payline. This is a simple setup when compared to other games, such as those from IGT, that have as many as five reels and 30 paylines.

The betting denominations include: $.25, $1, $2, $3, and $5. With a three coin maximum the most you can bet is $15. If you are lucky enough to win the jackpot you will take home a 2,500 credit top award. This is not the largest jackpot offered by a VGT game, but it should be enough to keep you playing.

Red Screen Free Spin Feature

Regular game play is exciting enough, but when you add in the Red Screen Free Spin feature things get even better. This gives players the chance to accumulate free spins no matter how much they are betting. There is no limit on how many you can win. Even if you are playing with a free spin you can collect more. Along with this, the casino can customize this slot machines with other bonus games including: Lucky Pluck, Rainin’ Rubies, Pick a Pot, Pick a Duck, Winning Wheel, Victory Lap, and Pick a Safe.

VGT is well known for their exciting and often unique themes – this game doesn’t break with that tradition. With Major Bucks slots you can expect a great gaming experience coupled with the chance to win a lot of free spins and large jackpots!

My Experience

I spent a bit of time at WinStar in Oklahoma playing this game. Although there I didn’t have any hige wins, I was able to play at a steady pace for well over an hour. When all was said and done I left the $1 machine with about $40 more than I started with. For the entertainment value and a little extra cash, playing was fun. This is definitely a game worth trying your luck at next time you’re at your favorite indian casino.

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