Loosest Slots in Laughlin in 2024 (Best Slots in Nevada)

Welcome to the vibrant world of Laughlin, Nevada, nestled along the scenic Colorado River in the southern tip of the Silver State. Laughlin is not only a haven for water enthusiasts and a hub of fine dining and hospitality but also a gaming paradise with ten exciting casino properties. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of finding the loosest slots in Laughlin, helping you make the most of your gaming experience in this lively destination.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the loosest slots in Laughlin, Nevada, a tourist paradise with ten casino properties.
  • The best payout casinos in Laughlin are Aquarius Casino Resort, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, and Golden Nugget Laughlin.
  • Discover the loosest slots in Laughlin, including Ultra Rush Tiger Run and Captain Riches.
  • Learn about the most popular slot machine games in Laughlin, such as The Walking Dead II and Megabucks.
  • Find out which casinos in Laughlin pay out the most, with Aquarius Casino Resort, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, and Golden Nugget Laughlin topping the list.
  • Get insights into the best slots to play in Laughlin in 2023, including The Walking Dead II and Megabucks.
  • Identify the loosest slots in Laughlin for 2023, with Ultra Rush Tiger Run and Captain Riches being top choices.

Where are the loosest slots in Laughlin, Nevada?

The loosest slots in Laughlin for 2023 can be found at Aquarius Casino Resort, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, and Golden Nugget Laughlin. Two top slot machine choices are Ultra Rush Tiger Run and Captain Riches, offering great odds and exciting gameplay.

Tucked into the southern tip of Nevada, right up against the Colorado River, is little Laughlin, Nevada. This tourist paradise is home to recreational watersports, lots of restaurants and hotels, and ten casino properties hosting slot machine games. This post explains how to find the loosest slots in Laughlin.

The best payout casinos in Laughlin are: Aquarius Casino Resort, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, and Golden Nugget Laughlin.

The loosest slots in Laughlin are: Ultra Rush Tiger Run and Captain Riches.

And the most popular slot machine games in Laughlin casinos are: The Walking Dead II and Megabucks.

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3 Slots Machines - Loosest Slot Machines in Laughlin
Loosest Slot Machines in Laughlin

In this post, I will take you through the slot machine industry in Laughlin, covering payout and return statistics. It also has my picks for the loosest slots in Laughlin in 2023.

The Loosest Slots in Laughlin – Slot Machine Returns & Payouts

The Nevada Gaming Control Board tracks machine winning percentage by denomination. In other words, we have detailed information about slot machine returns and payouts in Laughlin based on the coin size of the game. The Gaming Control Board doesn’t require any more detailed reporting than that.

For the year 2023, I expect the slot machines in Laughlin with the best odds will be $5 games. That’s because those games have had an average house edge of 5.28% over the past year. Unfortunately, there are only about 40 of these games on offer in the Laughlin area. And just three casinos (Golden Nugget Laughlin, Aquarius Casino Resort, and Tropicana Laughlin) host them as of the last revenue report.

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Denominations and Payouts

Laughlin’s multi-denomination games come in a close second place in terms of Laughlin’s best slot machine returns. They have a 6.35% house edge average across all games. These are popular choices for Laughlin’s major casinos, as all 7 sites host an average of 250 multi-denomination slot games per floor. These games bring in about $175 million a year in revenue, about three times as much money as all casino table games combined.

The most common slot denomination in Laughlin is the penny slot. All 7 major Laughlin casinos host these games. That’s a couple of hundred of them per casino. The average house edge on these games is the highest of any denomination in the city at 10.87%. That’s no surprise. These games make up the bulk of Laughlin’s casino profits, to the tune of about $217 million a year.

Only one slot denomination shows negative growth over the past year – nickel slots. In 2021, Laughlin casinos added a couple of nickel slot games. And they somehow showed a 25% reduction in revenue across all machines. Interestingly, penny slots gained almost as much play as the nickel slots lost. It could be the case that the pandemic and economic downturn pushed bettors away from nickel games and toward cheaper machines.

I’m not sure.

But that’s what the data suggest.

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Which Casino in Laughlin Pays Out the Most?

Here’s a list of the three highest paying casinos in Laughlin for the year 2021, the most recent full year for which we have monthly revenue statistics:

1- Aquarius Casino Resort

Aquarius Casino is home to more than 1,200 slot machines. I put them on the list of highest paying casinos in Laughlin because they have the largest number of the city’s best-paying slots. That means the $5, multi-denomination, and $1 games. I notice they’re offering up to 10x rewards points for slots play during certain months in 2023. Combine that with the high accessibility of the city’s best-odds slot games, and they’re an easy pick for the best payout slot casino in Laughlin.

2- Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort

Laughlin’s Riverside Resort is the original Laughlin casino that started the area’s mini-gambling and tourism industry. They have a decent collection of those $5, multi-denomination, and $1 games that rank among the best in the city. They advertise a collection of more than 1,400 slot and video poker machines. You’ll find all the slots identified in this post on-site at Laughlin’s Riverside Resort.

3- Golden Nugget Laughlin

The Golden Nugget Laughlin Casino is the smallest of the three on this list. They only have a collection of around 700 slot and video poker machines. They have just a few of the $5 games identified as Laughlin’s best. But they have plenty of $1 and multi-denomination slots that are also among the best in the city. The Golden Nugget is right in the heart of the city, a few stops downriver from Laughlin’s, but upriver of Harrah’s. The Claim Jumper restaurant just a few feet away from the main slot area serves breakfast all day (7 AM to 10 PM). And it’s delicious.

The Best Slots to Play in Laughlin in 2023

Based on things like RTP and accessibility, I’ve identified the two best slot machines to play when you’re in Laughlin in 2023:

1- The Walking Dead II Slot Machine Laughlin

This is an Aristocrat game that was so popular at my last visit I could barely get a spot to play. It’s a modern tall screen game in a unique 5×6 layout. There are only 4 spinning reels in the player’s control; the fifth reel is split into two icons, which increases the value of combinations. The game’s most valuable symbols (realistic interpretations of the major characters of the show) are expanded symbols that take up more than one position on the reel, leading to more frequent and larger payouts.

The Walking Dead II is a progressive game with four-tiered progressive jackpots. You trigger these huge wins by landing a bonus symbol and three scatter symbols on active lines at the same time.

You’ll find The Walking Dead II slot game at Aquarius Casino, Harrah’s Laughlin, and the Golden Nugget Laughlin, and maybe a few other casinos in the city as well. I haven’t been to every casino in the city. And I haven’t been inside some of them in a few years. Let me know if you found the game somewhere else in Laughlin in the comments.

2- Megabucks Slot Machine Laughlin

Why are Megabucks games so popular?

For a $3 bet, you can chase a jackpot that resets to $10 million. Megabucks’ progressive wins are among the biggest casino payouts in history. It’s just too tantalizing for some people. As a multi-denomination game, it’s among the best bets of any slot on the casino floors of Laughlin.

You’ll find Megabucks slot machines at every casino in Laughlin, including Aquarius Casino, Colorado Belle, and Edgewater Hotel & Casino.

The Loosest Slots in Laughlin (2023)

Of all the slot machine games in Laughlin, Nevada, the two games below are likely to be the loosest in 2023. And I base this on past performance and industry revenue trends. Both of these games are multi-denomination, hinting that they’re among the best-paying slots in the city.

1- Ultra Rush Tiger Run

This is an updated version of Incredible Technologies’ mega-popular Ultra Rush slot. The biggest changes include the fact that Ultra Rush Tiger Run is a multi-denomination game, and now offers a progressive win at any bet size, though your chances of winning the progressive go up the more you bet. It’s a 5 reel game with up to 10 pay lines. The manufacturer promises an RTP of 96.3%.

Ultra Rush Tiger Run has all the trappings of a modern multi-denomination slot, including wild and scatter symbols that trigger bonus rounds and potentially life-changing progressive wins. The machines are paired, and in Laughlin, they’re usually presented in a group of four games back-to-back, for a total of 8 screens per bank.

You’ll find Ultra Rush Tiger Run (and other Ultra Rush variations) at almost every casino in the city, including at Harrah’s and the Laughlin River Lodge.

2- Captain Riches

The popularity of Captain Riches slots in Laughlin continues the trend of progressive slots as fan favorites. Like all the other big popular slots in the city, you can chase four-tiered progressive prizes, now in an “at any bet” format. It’s a 50-pay line game that accepts a max bet of 750 coins, or between $7.50 and $75 per spin. The manufacturer’s posted RTP for the game is 96.04%.

You’ll find Captain Riches machines all over Laughlin. And, as far as I know, these machines can be found at every major casino in the city.

Conclusion – Where Are the Loosest Slots in Laughlin?

The best and loosest slot machines in Laughlin, Nevada, as well as all of the loosest Laughlin slot machines, can be found at Aquarius Casino Resort, Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, and the Golden Nugget Laughlin.

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