Loosest Slots in Aruba in 2024

Explore the Top Casinos and Their Loosest Slots in 2024

Unlock the secrets of Aruba’s 2024 slot paradise—discover where to find the island’s most generous slot machines and transform your gaming experience!

Since the 1970s, the gambling scene in Aruba has grown exponentially. Aruba is now home to 20 commercial casinos. These vary in terms of the number and types of slot games they offer.

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Aruba is small. It’s only about 70 square miles in total. But slot players have lots of options in terms of where to play. Below is a guide to the best slots to play in Aruba. It includes the best-paying Aruba slots and the slot games with the best RTPs. I’ve also included some thoughts on where slots players should gamble on the island.

Key Takeaways

  • Top Casinos for Best Slot Experiences: Seaport Casino, Stellaris Casino, and Orchid Casino offer diverse gaming and superior amenities.
  • Look for Good Pay Tables: Casinos like the Hilton, Stellaris, and Excelsior Casino showcase better-than-average video poker returns, suggesting favorable slot payouts.
  • Popular Slots in Aruba: Games like Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, and Megabucks remain crowd favorites.
  • Best RTP Slots: Classic games like Triple Red Hot 7s, Double Diamond, and Mega Joker might offer better return rates.

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What are the best slots to play in Aruba in 2024 for optimal payouts?

The best slots in Aruba for 2024 include IGT’s Triple Red Hot 7s, Double Diamond, and NetEnt’s Mega Joker, known for their potentially high RTPs. Visit top-rated casinos like Seaport, Stellaris, and Orchid for a quality gaming experience.

loosest slots in aruba

Top Aruba Casinos in 2024

Here’s a quick guide to the top 3 Aruba casinos:

1- Seaport Casino at the Wind Creek Aruba Resort

Wind Creek has two distinct casinos. Seaport Casino is the larger, glitzier, and more glamorous of the two. Also, it has more machine games, more table games, more rooms, nicer amenities, and (frankly) better views. Besides the 400-odd video poker and slot machines, Seaport Casino guests have up to 30 live dealer table games on offer. There’s also a live poker room and access to a beach rated among the island’s best.

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2- Stellaris Casino at Aruba Marriott Resort

By far the island’s largest casino, Stellaris has a little over 15,000 square feet of gaming space. That’s enough for more than 500 gaming machines and up to three dozen table games as well as live poker and bingo. Stellaris Casino is usually the busiest of all the properties on the island, particularly early in the year. Stellaris is also one of few casinos on the island to be fully non-smoking.

3- Orchid Casino at Riu Palace Antillas

I’m highlighting this spot because it’s off the beaten path and is reliably uncrowded even during the high tourist season in late winter and early spring. Orchid Casino is average size for Aruba, with a few hundred machine games and maybe two dozen tables, but it’s not located directly within a high-traffic tourist corridor. If you find yourself crowded out of Stellaris or Seaport, you can usually stretch your legs a bit more at Orchid.

The Loosest Slots in Aruba – Slot Machine Returns & Payouts

Aruba casinos aren’t required by law to report slot machine payouts or operate slot machines within a certain window of acceptable return to player statistics. It’s impossible to say with any certainty what a particular Aruban slot machine’s RTP is. The best you can do is look up the game online, but even then you’ll only have an estimate of what the game’s RTP might be.

That said, you shouldn’t be concerned about playing slots on the island. Aruba’s casinos are run by major hoteliers. Most casino names include something like Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Holiday Inn, or Hyatt. While these companies are absolutely in the business of making money, they aren’t fly-by-night casino cheats who set up machines to rip off their customers. Customers wouldn’t continue to play slots too far outside their expectations.

Where to Play Slots in Aruba

The 3 casinos below offer the best slots in Aruba as well as comfortable amenities and other features that make them ideal for Aruba-bound slots players:

1- Alhambra Casino

The property where you’ll find Alhambra Casino is massive, including four different beach resorts and a massive retail space with luxury shops and fine dining restaurants. The Alhambra Casino is equally impressive, home to nearly 500 machine games and a few dozen table games. Take note, the Alhambra is not fully non-smoking yet, so if that bothers you, it may not be the best fit.

2- Wind Creek Crystal Casino

Wind Creek Crystal Casino is the sister casino to Wind Creek Seaport Casino. Crystal is about twice the size of Seaport, and this is especially noticeable on the gaming floor. Slots players have about 600 machine games to choose from. Crystal has fewer table games than Seaport Casino, making it an ideal stop for people looking for the best RTP slots in Aruba.

3- Casino at the Ritz-Carlton

Gambling at Aruba’s Casino at the Ritz-Carlton is either going to appeal to you or it isn’t. I like the extra touches at the Ritz. These include the polished brass and oiled wood paneling, the fact that my cocktail comes in a real glass, and the ready availability of live sports betting. Other gamblers may not like the fancy setting, but they run about 300 machine games (and more than a dozen table games) at any given time.

Which Casino in Aruba Pays Out the Most?

A couple of years ago, Michael Shackelford at Wizard of Odds took a trip to Aruba and visited just about every casino on the island. Along the way, he took stock of the video poker pay tables available, and he lists them in his reviews of Aruban casinos. Some of them had way better payback percentages on their video poker games than others.

Since it’s impossible to identify the loosest slots in Aruba, the best I can do is identify 3 casinos where video poker machines are set up with good pay tables. My logic here is: if they host video poker games with anything resembling average payouts, they probably do the same with their slot machines.

Based on that, here are the 3 best-paying slot casinos in Aruba based on how each casino sets up its video poker games:

1- The Casino at Hilton

The Casino at Hilton isn’t the best pick for slots players in terms of variety, with just about 200 machines on the floor. What it lacks in variety it seems to make up for in odds – the Hilton Casino’s video poker RTPs are just about identical to what you can find in Vegas or Atlantic City. This implies their slots are probably at least as good as what you’d find on the Vegas Strip.

2- Stellaris Casino at Aruba Marriott Resort

Stellaris Casino’s video poker games average a 96.31% return. That’s not as good as you’d expect in a mainland US casino, but way better than other places on the island. That implies their slot games are equally generous. Thanks to a large slot library, relative to other Aruban casinos, I feel confident sending slots players looking for the best paying Aruba slots game to Stellaris at the Marriott.

3- Excelsior Casino at Holiday Inn Beach Resort

Among other video poker variants with decent odds, you’ll find the best Deuces Wild video poker games at Holiday Inn’s Excelsior Casino. That game boasts an RTP over 97%. And that’s far from full-pay. But it’s high for an Aruba gambling machine. Again, that makes me think their slots are among the best-paying on the island.

The Best Slots to Play in Aruba

Here are 3 of the most popular slots to play in Aruba in 2024, based on the crowd sizes around the games and how hard it can be to find an open game in Aruba’s casinos:

1- Deal or No Deal Slots

IGT’s Deal or No Deal slots take advantage of the widespread popularity of the TV game show. The game includes bonus rounds and extra features styled after the show’s gameplay. These games are popular everywhere I’ve ever seen them, including in big Vegas casinos and other US gambling jurisdictions.

2- Wheel of Fortune Slots

Have you ever seen a bank of Wheel of Fortune slots without a small crowd hanging around? The same goes for Aruba. All the big commercial Aruban casinos are home to Wheel of Fortune slot games. You can find dozens of different Wheel of Fortune slot variants on the island.

3- Megabucks Slots

Megabucks slots are among the best-known and most popular slots in the world. The popularity of these games is down to their large progressive jackpots, which are responsible for the biggest slot machine wins in history. You’ll find plenty of Megabucks games on Aruba.

The Loosest Slots in Aruba (2024)

I can’t point you directly to the best paying slots in Aruba. That’s because Aruba casinos don’t have to report their games’ payout percentages. But I can point you toward games that are certifiably loose in other gambling jurisdictions.

Hopefully, these games’ reputations as high-paying slots carry over into the southern Caribbean.

1- Triple Red Hot 7s by IGT

If you want to play the best RTP slots in Aruba, sticking to classic-style games is a good way to do it. IGT’s Triple Red Hot 7s is a three-reel slot in the classic style, but with the addition of a free-spins round and a wild multiplier. IGT says they produce Triple Red Hot 7s in an RTP ranging from 92.01% up to 96.13%, but you’ll never know exactly which version you’re playing.

2- Double Diamond by IGT

Double Diamond is another classic-style slot by IGT with three reels. If you’re noticing a theme developing, that’s good – the best-paying slots in Aruba in 2024 are mostly simple affairs, devoid of progressive jackpots and other fancy features. Double Diamond’s manufacturer says it produces the game with an RTP range between 85 and 98%. The game’s top prize is 2,500 coins, worth anywhere from $25 to $25,000 depending on coin size.

3- Mega Joker by NetEnt

NetEnt’s Mega Joker is available at most Aruba casinos. It’s another three-reel game with classic-style rules and format. It’s even designed to look like an old-school mechanical slot machine, including audio and animation effects of creaking mechanical reels and cheap flashing bulbs. The manufacturer says Mega Joker comes in an RTP range of between 92 and 99%.


Finding the loosest slots in Aruba in 2024 requires a little bit of footwork and an equal amount of patience. If you visit during the island’s peak tourist season (January to March), you’ll also have to fight large crowds of people escaping harsh winters elsewhere in the world.

If you have additional thoughts on the best paying slots in Aruba in 2024, please leave a comment so I can add your information to this post.

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