Let’s Make a Deal Slots (2021 Slot Machine Locations)

Shuffle Master may not concentrate solely on slots, but the machines they do release are very popular. In addition to Three Stooges slots, Let’s Make a Deal machines have become well known in many casinos all over the country. As you know, Let’s Make a Deal is one of the most watched game shows in the history of television. It is only natural that the slot machine would become every bit as popular.


In 1999, Shuffle Master released this game to the gambling public. Since day one this game has been a favorite among casino goers. In a joint effort with Bally, this 3-D slot machine was manufactured to suit the needs of every type of player. A 3-D screen with full motion video makes it fun to play, even if you are not winning. And of course, when things go your way you have the chance to win a large amount of money.

To keep things simple, the slot machines feature five reels and five paylines. This makes it easy to learn how to play the game, and how to track winning and losing. Of course, you will never get lost thanks to voiceover work by famous host Monty Hall. Hall’s voice gives these slots a realistic feel from start to finish.

Bonus Game

In the same mold as the game show, the Let’s Make a Deal bonus game features the famous “Door #1, #2, or #3” routine. The door you choose determines how much money you will win.

These slot machines are featured in many casinos in the United States, including quite a few in Las Vegas. As a huge fan of the game show, any time I have the chance to play, I take full advantage!

My Experience

With the release of the “new” Lets Make a Deal Slot machine, the original is becoming harder to find. However, if you can find it, it’s definitely worth taking a seat. The voice-over is very well done, and it happens to be very entertaining, winning or losing. Obviously more so if you are winning. There have been a few occasions that I have done quite well on this machine. But even more so than the payout, this is one of those classic games worth playing for the experience. Winning a couple bucks doesn’t hurt either.

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