Las Vegas Slot Machines (How to Win at Slots in Sin City)

Las Vegas is not only the biggest city in Nevada, but it’s also the largest and most popular destination in the world for gambling resorts and casinos. As such, you can find more slot machines in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world. Vegas boasts 120+ casinos and over 100,000 slot machines. You can find details about the loosest slot machines in Las Vegas in my latest blog post, too. Don’t forget about other games like Blackjack Switch or just regular old poker, either.

Las Vegas slot machines aren’t limited to just casinos on the strip either. You can find slot machines to play in the airport, in bars, and in restaurants. Gambling is literally available everywhere in Vegas. But not everyone can gamble in Las Vegas. The legal gambling age is 21, and children aren’t allowed near a slot machine or any other kind of gambling activity.

Other gambling activities that are extremely popular in Las Vegas include:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Sportsbetting
  • Video Poker
  • Poker

But almost any kind of gambling activity can be found in Vegas. Slot machine games make up 80% of the gambling revenue though, so it’s important. Be sure to read my post about how to get markers in Las Vegas, too.

Casinos and hotels in Las Vegas are, generally speaking, located in three separate locations:

  • Downtown/Fremont Street – This is sometimes also called the “old strip”.
  • The Strip – This is where the newer and more deluxe megaresorts and megacasinos are located.
  • Boulder Highway – An increasingly popular area for tourists.

Las Vegas Fremont Street Casinos

Downtown Vegas started to lose tremendous amounts of money to the strip casinos in the 1990’s when the strip started expanding and launching megaresorts like the Mirage. But in recent years, the city of Las Vegas has started investing in this area. Now you can see one of the most incredible light shows in the world at the Fremont Street Experience. Some of the more notable casinos located in downtown Las Vegas include:

Las Vegas Strip Casinos

The Vegas strip has always been popular, or so it seems. But it became insanely popular with the launch of the megacasino craze in 1992 when the Mirage launched. Some of the more notable Las Vegas strip casinos include:

Las Vegas Boulder Highway Casinos

You can find some unusual casinos and slot machines on Boulder Highway at places like:

  • Arizona Charlie’s
  • Boulder Station
  • Nevada Palace
  • Sams Town

More casinos: