Land of the Free Spins slots from Video Gaming Technologies (VGT)offer many of the same features that have made this company’s games so popular over the years. From the moment you sit down to play you will realize that this game is similar to other VGT favorites such as Hot Red Ruby slots and Mr. Moneybags slots. VGT does a lot of research before they release a game to the casino public, and this slot is no exception to this rule. Perhaps this is why it has risen to popularity in such a short period of time.

The Details

Land of the Free Spins slot machines are configured with five mechanical reels and nine paylines. No, this is not a video slot machine but you will forget all about fancy animation and sound bytes once you get started.

The maximum allowable wager is 180 credits with betting denominations of: $.01, $.02, and $.05. With such a small starting bet you may be expecting the jackpot to follow the same path. This is definitely not the case. This slot offers a top award of 392,000 credits


There are three features that make this an even more exciting slot to play. To start, VGT equipped the game with their popular Red Screen Free Spin feature. This is an exciting bonus game because players never know how many free spins they are going to receive – just that this is a possibility after a winning combination.

To increase your potential winnings, this slot machine also features a 7x and 49x multiplier. With this, any winning combination can be immediately turned into more money.

On top of everything, this machine has a patriotic theme – this is something that many players are looking for. A low starting bet and high payouts will draw you to this game. When you add in several special features and a patriotic theme, there is no wondering why this and other VGT slots have caught on at many US casinos.

My Experience

This is one of those games that for me has untapped potential. I have yet to win big on this machine. But don’t tell that to the woman sitting next to me at my last trip to the casino. This game was throwing money and free spins left and right.

While I have yet to sit down at one of these machines while it was hot, the potential is not lost on me. And even though I havn’t hit it big, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a fun machine. It absolutely is. This is definitely one machine that I will be returning to.

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