Konami Slots and Slot Machines (Games List)

If you are a video game fanatic, it is safe to say that you have heard ofKonami. They have been a large producer of video and arcade games for many years. But in addition to this, Konami also manufacturers slot machines. When arcade games began to die out in the 1990’s, Konami started to search for another way of making money. Of course, this led them to manufacture Konami slot machines.

Konami was founded in 1969, but at that time it was not interested in the manufacturing side of things. In fact, early on the company specialized in renting and repairing juke boxes. By 1978 Konami had realized that the arcade game industry had a lot to offer. This is when they decided to create and release their first machine. Some of the most popular video games for the Nintendo gaming console were developed by Konami.

Konami Enters the Slot Machine Industry

At the turn of the century, Konami decided that manufacturing slot machines may fit in with their current business structure. In 2005 the company moved their gaming offices to Las Vegas, Nevada. Obviously, this is a move that shows just how interested Konami is in becoming a major player in the industry.

The first licensed slot machine released by Konami, Rocky slots was based on the movie “Rocky.” As you can imagine, this was a huge hit thanks to the extreme popularity of this movie over the years.

Since beginning to manufacture slot machines a few years back, Konami has made many in routes and has achieved quite a bit of success. Some of their most popular slot machines include: Solstice Gold, Money in the Bank, Atlantic Treasure, African Treasure, Aloha Gold, Big Payoff, Cash Inferno slots and many more.

The Konami name has been around for many years, but it is just recently that they got involved in the slots industry. But despite the fact that they are not as experienced as some other companies, Konami is doing just fine. Of course, this has a lot to do with the company’s past success as a manufacturer of video and arcade games.

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