IGT is known for its popular slot machines; many of which are based around television and game shows. Jeopardy slots meet both of these criteria. Not only are Jeopardy slot machines among the most popular in the entire world, but they are based on a popular game show that has been around for many years. Even if you do not enjoy watching Jeopardy on television you can still have a great time playing the slots game. Wheel of Fortune slots are another popular game show based game from IGT.

Both Johnny Gilbert and Alex Trebek contributed voice over work for Jeopardy slot machines. As you can imagine, hearing the voices of Gilbert and Trebek make Jeopardy slots very entertaining; almost like you are actually in the studio competing against other players.

Jeopardy Slots: The Details

Jeopardy slots feature five reels and nine paylines. In addition to the theme, this is one of the other reasons that these machines have become so popular. It is not hard to understand how to play Jeopardy slot machines due in large part to the simple setup of the reels and paylines.

Even though Jeopardy slots feature a large progressive jackpot it doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your money to play. In fact, this is one of the most affordable progressive games by IGT. The most coins you can play on a single spin are 45. This is when you bet the maximum of five coins on all nine paylines. The majority of Jeopardy slots are of the nickel variety. This means that the maximum bet is $2.25. Are you willing to bet this much for the chance to win a progressive jackpot of six figures or more?

Jeopardy Slots Bonus Games

In addition to the progressive jackpot, the Jeopardy Bonus Game is anothergreat reason to play. You will enter the bonus game upon receiving three Jeopardy symbols. The choices that you make during the bonus game allow you to increase your winnings. During the bonus round Alex Trebek will give you the rundown on what you need to do, when you are winning, etc.

Just like the game show on television, the slot machine offers a Double Jeopardy game. To activate this bonus you need to receive three Double Jeopardy symbols. This game is very similar to the regular Jeopardy bonus round. Squares are shown on the screen. You choose the ones that you think have the most coins. The number of coins is revealed upon choosing, and this is how much you win. When playing this bonus game you should watch for the multiplier. If you land the multiplier all of your winnings are doubled. The Final Jeopardy symbol marks the end of your time with the bonus game.

With a large progressive jackpot that starts at $100k, coupled with a low minimum bet, there is no wondering why Jeopardy slot machines are so popular. Anybody who enjoys slot machines is sure to have fun playing this game. And if you are a big fan of the Jeopardy game show, your level of excitement will be even higher!

You can find Jeopardy slot machines at lots of different casinos, but be sure to check out both JACK Cleveland and Hollywood Casino Columbus. They definitely have these games.

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