IGT is famous for many reasons, including their progressive slot machines.Jackpot Hunter slots feature a multi-tiered progressive scale, and for this reason the game has quickly become very popular. Even though IGT offers many slot machines at casinos all over the world, this one has gained quite a bit of traction due in large part to the jackpots and small betting denomination of one penny.

With an Australian theme, Jackpot Hunter slot machines are much different than anything else that IGT has released. Some of the features may be similar to other machines, but it is the theme that makes this game so unique. In addition to regular game play, you will have the chance to win many free spins while taking advantage of multipliers that can greatly increase your winnings.

Jackpot Hunter Slots: The Details

Jackpot Hunter slots are part of a five tier progressive network. When this game is compared to the many nickel progressive slots in the casino it is easy to see why it has become so popular. Why bet more than you have to when chasing a large progressive jackpot? This game proves that penny slots can payout a lot of money.

A large screen is always placed above groups of Jackpot Hunter slot machines. This shows you big the progressive jackpot has become. The screen also lets you know if somebody hits it big.

Jackpot Hunter Slots: The Progressive Jackpot

Jackpot Hunter slot machines are unique as they feature a five tier progressive jackpot. The tiers have names based on the Australian theme and include: platypus, koala, kangaroo, crocodile, and great white shark. Platypus is the smallest of the jackpots with the great white shark being the largest. The great white shark tier gives you the chance to win the biggest jackpot; the one that is detailed on the screen above your machine.

When you reach the bonus round you have the chance to win the progressive pot. You will be playing on a three reel, five payline setup. Your goal is to land the platypus symbol on the first reel. If you are successful the reel will freeze and your next goal is to land a koala symbol on the second reel. Can you successfully get the proper reels in the right order? If so, you are a big winner. If not, as soon as you fail you will have to cash out.

Jackpot Hunter Machines and Jackpots

Since Jackpot Hunter slots can be linked to a progressive network of more than60 machines, jackpots can grow quickly. The growth of the pot is aided by the fact that so many players want to get involved because this is a penny slot game. Some of the machines that are often times included in the Jackpot Hunter slots progressive network include:

  • Klondike Treasure
  • Great Plains
  • Arabian Riches
  • King Cheetah
  • Persian Princess

What isn’t there to like about Jackpot Hunter slot machines? There is a five tier progressive jackpot that can easily reach six figures. To go along with this, as a penny slot you do not have to bet the house to be eligible for the jackpot. IGT is known for their progressive games, and Jackpot Hunter slots are among the best.

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