A short video of Hot Red Ruby slot machines at Choctaw Casino:

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The first time you see Hot Red Ruby slots by Video Gaming Technologies(VGT) in a casino, you know it is a crowd pleaser. That’s because there will be butts parked in all of the available seats in front of these casino gold mines. Be prepared to wait if you want to play these machines during peak gaming hours.

I have had to update this page. This is because on my last trip to Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma I saw this game as Hot Red Ruby Slots and Red Hot Red Ruby Slots. Same game, I played both of them. Just a different name. In the same casino, not more than 50 feet apart. And, this wasn’t just one set of slots with the wrong name on it.

I saw several banks of games with each name on it. Strange, isn’t it. Anyway, I have played this game several times at Choctaw casino near Durant, OK. Man is this game a blast!

Hot Red Ruby Slot Machines: The Details

This is a 3 reel mechanical single payline game featuring, who else? Hot Red Ruby! Hot Red Ruby slot machines are another VGT game that utilizes their “Live Call Bingo” engine to determine winning spins. The games are available in denominations from $0.25 all the way up to $25.00. So, the game is enjoyed by both high rollers and those on a somewhat smaller budget. The top jackpot is 2,500 credits.

The symbols on the reels of Hot Red Ruby Slots include the standard two bar symbol with any of the following on them: martini glasses, a lipstick tube with red lipstick protruding from it, or a women’s red spike heeled shoe. Also featured on the reels of Red Hot Ruby Slots are cherries, a seven symbol with rubies on it, and, of course, Red Hot Ruby herself.

Hot Red Ruby Slots Free Spin Bonus

What sets Hot Red Ruby slots – and other VGT slots – apart from other slot machines is Hot Redy Ruby SlotsVideo Gaming Technologies custom Red Screen Free Spin Bonus. This free spin bonus is awarded randomly after any kind of payout ranging from three bars to all jackpots except the maximum win. The free spin bonus is also triggered if none of the reel symbols land on your payline(like some other machines, your wager is returned to you if this happens).

Immediately after awarding you your winnings for your original spin, a small square in the center of the screen above the reels where the bingo game image is located turns red and the reels spin again of their own accord. You then win an additional amount as your Hot Red Ruby slots free spin bonus.

Alternative Red Hot Ruby Slots Bonus Round

In addition to the red screen bonus spin bonus round, I have seen different bonus round on Hot Red Ruby slots games I have played. This bonus round begins the same way with the screen above the reels turning red as the bonus round is activated. However, that is where the similarity between the two ends. In this alternative bonus round, an image of Red Hot Ruby appears and she looks on as red jewels of differing sizes and cuts fall from the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is an open jewel pouch or purse. You maneuver the pouch left and right using the bet and spin buttons to catch one of the jewels. Once you catch one the bonus round is over as your bonus is revealed.

My Experience with Hot Red Ruby Slots

O.K. I have a confession to make. Ruby is my mother’s name. So, I am somewhat partial Hot Red Ruby Slot Machineto this game. Having said that, the game is a great play! I sat down last night and played the dollar version of this game. I did not get a big hit off this machine. But, it seemed that everyone else on my bank of machines did! I mean, I hit a couple of smaller payouts. Just nothing like 500 or anything like that.

First off, I had to wait about 10 minutes for a machine to free up. Then, after I had gone thru the Benjamin I had stuck in the machine, there were two or three people hovering behind me to sit down as soon as I got up. Sure enough, don’t you know, some gray haired woman sat down at my machine and hit 400 credits on her second spin! I suddenly was treated to a vision of my mother shaking her head at me with a knowing smile.

I guess it was just a case of karma. Needing to shake that image out of my head and ticked off that someone won my jackpot, I left. Look, I did not win at the game this trip. Still, Hot Red Ruby slot machines are stinking fun to play. I highly recommend it. And, I will definitely be giving it another try next time I see it in a casino. All the other players spinning the Hot Red Ruby slots reels at Choctaw casino that night were really enjoying themselves.

Hot Red Ruby Slots at Choctaw Casino

I got a chance to play Red Hot Ruby Slots again at Choctaw Casino on December 9, 2009. I found a 50 cent machine in the room off the back wall of the casino, across from the coffee bar. Although I got into the bonus round several times, I could never get the big hit I was looking for. After being down as much as $100, I did catch one small jackpot that got me back to being down $16.50 and I decided to call it quits then. Still, I had fun playing Hot Red Ruby Slots.

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