Hexbreaker Slot Machines (Slots Advantage Play)

IGT is the king of the slot machine industry. One of their best games is Hexbreaker slots. These machines not only offer a lot to new players, but those who have been around the block a few times also love what they can do for them. The most unique thing about Hexbreaker slot machines is the theme. Are you the superstitious type? If so, you will find the humor in Hexbreaker slots. These machines go against all the superstitions that many slots players believe in. For instance, there is a black cat symbol. To go along with this, the 13th line is the one that will payout the most money. Even if you are superstitious you will have a great time playing Hexbreaker slot machines.

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Hexbreaker Slots: The Details

In a unique format, Hexbreaker slots feature five reels and 13 paylines. It is safe to say that you are not going to run into many machines that have 13 paylines; this is very uncommon but fits in well with the theme of this game. Despite the unusual setup, there is nothing too confusing about these machines. They play the same as any other game from IGT.

The maximum bet when playing Hexbreaker slots is 260 coins. As you can see, if you have deep pockets you will be able to bet a lot of money. If you decide to play the maximum number of coins on all paylines you have the potential to win the jackpot of 200,000 coins. This is a slot machine for players who are interested in chasing big money. To win the jackpot you need to land five Hexbreaker symbols on the 13th payline.

Hexbreaker Slots Bonus Games

There are two unique Hexbreaker slots bonus games. They include: the Money Ladder bonus and the Mirror Mirror bonus.

The Money Ladder bonus game is activated when a money ladder symbol appears on either the second or fourth reel. Upon activation, your job is to move the cat up the rungs of the money ladder. With each time the cat goes under the ladder you move further up. The game ends if you fail to move up a rung. At that point you will collect your winnings and move on.

The broken mirror symbol triggers the Mirror Mirror bonus round. You need to land four or more of these symbols on an activated payline to access this game. To start, you will be faced with 13 mirrors. You need to choose five to break. Behind each one is a prize. The total amount of money behind the mirrors is what you win.

I love Hexbreaker slots because they go against what most slot machine players believe in. Of course, this is not the only reason that I run to find Hexbreaker slot machines upon arriving at the casino. The large jackpot is fun to chase, and the bonus rounds are always exciting. With the chance to win a lot of money, both during regular game play and bonus rounds, there is no reason to pass by Hexbreaker slot machines.

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