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Hex Breaker Slots Review (And Where to Play Online)


Hex Breaker slots are also known as Hexbreaker slots, and IGT designs the game. IGT is one of the leading companies in the gambling world, working with land-based casinos and the online casino industry.

Hex Breaker Logo

Hex Breaker slots are a franchise with three games available. The first Hex Breaker slot machine was built for play in land-based casinos, and Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three are designed for online casinos.

Here’s everything you need to know about the original Hex Breaker slots game.




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  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

The Hex Breaker Slot Machine Game

Hex Breaker slots is a dark-themed game. When I say the theme is dark, I don’t mean the actual lighting is dark. Instead, I mean that the theme is dark because it deals with hexes and dark magic.

I’ve heard some slots players claim the game uses a Halloween them. But it strikes me as more of a witch or dark magic themed game.

The Hex Breaker slots game uses the number 13 as a symbol and has 13 pay lines. Other symbols include:

  • Crack
  • Mirror
  • Salt
  • Crow
  • Penny
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Umbrella
  • Cat
  • Hex
  • Jinx
  • Ladder

The Jinx symbol is a scatter symbol, and the Hex logo is wild.

Hex Breaker slots has two bonus games called the Mirror Mirror bonus and the Money Ladder bonus.

You activate the Mirror Mirror bonus when you get four or more mirror symbols on an activated pay line. When you trigger the Mirror Mirror bonus, you choose from 13 mirrors. Then, you pick five mirrors to break to reveal what you win.

The Money Ladder bonus is triggered when you get a ladder symbol on reels two and four on a spin. When the Money Ladder bonus screen is triggered, you activate a black cat by touching the Ouija board. The cat advances up the ladder, and you win the prizes based on where the cat stops.

On What Devices Can You Play Hex Breaker Slots

The original Hex Breaker slot machine is only available in land-based casinos. So if you want to play the original game, you have to find a land-based casino that still offers the game. However, there’s some good news for online slots players.

Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three slots are available for online gambling and mobile gambling. Sadly, Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three have changed a great deal from the original game’s gameplay. But the themes are still similar, so you might enjoy the second and third installments better than the original Hex Breaker slots game.

You can play Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three on most mobile devices and computers. In addition, most online casinos that offer IGT slots have Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three available, and most of these casinos offer mobile options. Mobile options include:

Smart Phones – Online casinos with IGT slots that offer mobile gaming support play on smartphones using Android and iOS operating systems. These two operating systems control almost all of the smartphones used today, so you can play the IGT Hex Breaker slots games on almost any smartphone.

Tablets, Notebooks, and Computers – You can play Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three slots on any tablet, notebook, or computer that can access the internet.

Hex Breaker Slots Gameplay

Hex Breaker slots are one of the few slot machine games that pay from left to right and from right to left. While Hex Breaker is the only slot machine I remember playing that uses 13 pay lines, I have played a few other games that paid left to right and right to left.

The game uses five reels and three rows, and the machine I played had a top prize of 100,000 coins. I’ve seen reports of machines that had a top prize of 200,000 coins, but I can’t confirm that these reports are true. To qualify for the top prize, you have to bet the maximum number of coins on each pay line and have all 13 pay lines active. The jackpot is triggered with five hex symbols on the 13th pay line.

I’ve already covered the bonus games and symbols, so there’s not much left to learn about playing Hex Breaker slots. When you start playing Hex Breaker slots, you decide how much to bet, how many pay lines to activate, and how many coins to bet on each pay line. Then the game plays like just about every other slots game found in casinos. Finally, hit the spin button and see if you win.

Hex Breaker Slots Tips and Strategies

If you’re not used to this game mechanic, it takes a little while to get used to pay lines that pay from right to left. But once you get used to it, you can quickly see if you win from either side. In addition, with only 13 pay lines, you can track your wins and don’t have to rely on the machine telling you if you win.

Don’t play Hex Breaker slots unless you have a big enough bankroll to bet the maximum number of coins on all 13 pay lines. If you don’t have enough money to activate the jackpot, you should play a different slots game.

Both bonus games are random, so there’s no strategy that helps you win more when a bonus game is triggered. For example, each time the Mirror Mirror bonus game is triggered, the machine randomly places prizes behind each of the 13 mirrors. And the next time the bonus is triggered, a new random order is created.

I always pick the same five mirrors, so I have a better chance of getting different prizes. But this is probably falling into superstition territory because of the game theme.

What I Liked about Hex Breaker Slots

I didn’t think I’d like the theme when I started playing because I usually don’t enjoy dark magic or dark-themed slots games. But I found that the symbols and theme turned out to be funny. I’m not a superstitious person by nature, so the black cats and broken mirrors were kind of funny.

I also like to play slot machines that don’t have too many pay lines. I like tracking all of the pay lines, so Hex Breaker is perfect with only 13 pay lines. And it’s neat to play on a machine that pays left to right and right to left.

The Mirror Mirror bonus game is my favorite part of Hex Breaker slots, and I don’t really know why. The graphics aren’t anything special, but I really liked the graphics and idea the first time I triggered the bonus round. And I really enjoy breaking the mirrors.

Overall, I guess the main thing I like about Hex Breaker slots is that it’s not a machine that’s like most modern slot machines. Instead, it’s a simple slot machine that reminds me of the games I played decades back when I started playing slots.

What I Didn’t Like about Hex Breaker Slots

For the most part, I like playing Hex Breaker slots. But there are two things that I don’t like about this game, and these two things are bad enough that I won’t be playing Hex Breaker much in the future.

The worst thing about Hex Breaker slots is that they drain your bankroll faster than many other slot machines. When a slot machine has a big jackpot that requires maximum bet amounts, you waste a lot of money chasing the jackpot if you don’t get lucky fairly quickly.

During my time playing Hex Breaker, I didn’t get lucky and hit anything big, so I ran through the bankroll I set aside to play quickly. Unfortunately, the manufacturer and casinos only know the exact return percentage for Hex Breaker slots, but the return is under 90% from everything I’ve learned.

While many slot machines in land-based casinos have returns under 90%, there are some that pay at a higher rate. And you can find online slots games that pay over 95%.

The graphics are the second thing I don’t like about Hex Breaker slots. At first, the symbols and graphics are cute in an old-fashioned way, but I quickly tired of them. Compared to many other modern slot machines, the graphics just don’t seem sharp.

Where to Play the Game Online (Top Casinos)

As I explained earlier, the only place to play the original Hex Breaker slots game is in a land-based casino that has the game. The original Hex Breaker game isn’t available online. But you can play the other games in the franchise, Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three, which are available for online play in most online and mobile casinos that carry IGT slot machine games.

Here’s a list of popular online and mobile casinos that use IGT slots games:

Draft Kings Online and Mobile Casino – Draft Kings launched as a daily fantasy sports company and quickly grew into one of the two main options in that gambling space. As online casino gambling became more popular and legalized in more areas, Draft Kings jumped into the market. Draft Kings casino operation offers IGT slot machine games.

888 Online Casino – 888 has been offering online gambling options for longer than most online casinos. As well as being around longer than most online casinos, 888 is one of the most trusted and secure options for online gamblers, and they offer slots by IGT.

BetMGM Online and Mobile Casino – MGM is a big name in the gambling world because of their land-based casinos, and they’ve entered the online gambling space. You can play IGT slots games in the mobile and online casino offered by BetMGM.


Overall, Hex Breaker slots are fun to try because the theme is different than most other slots games. The game uses 13 pay lines, which makes it unique, and because it pays from left to right and right to left, the game feels different than when you play other slots games.

To try a unique game, I recommend finding a Hex Breaker slot machine the next time you’re in a land-based casino. But if you want to play for long, the newer online versions of the game are better. For example, you can play Hex Breaker Two and Hex Breaker Three in online casinos offering IGT slots games.

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