Step one in creating a winning strategy for any game is to understand how the game works. Slot machine games are the most popular games in almost all casinos now and have been for almost 30 years. But not everyone understands how they work.

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How Slots Games Work

Many websites which describe how slot machines work go into a lot of detail about old school mechanical slots. They explain how the three reels work, and what happens when you pull the handle, and how the odds are determined based on how many symbols are on each reel. None of this information is useful for a modern slot game though, because modern slot machines are almost entirely computerized video slot machine games.

Slot Games, RNG’s, and PARS

Modern slot machine games have a computer chip inside called a random number generator. Pulling the lever activates the RNG, which determines the outcome of each bet. The random number generator produces winners in accordance with the PARS sheet for that individual game.

“PARS” stands for Paytable And Reel Strips. Basically, the PARS sheet explains which symbols are on the virtual reels, what the odds of hitting each symbol is, and what the total payout on the machine is.

On traditional mechanical slot machines, the odds of hitting a particular symbol could be calculated by determining how many symbols were on each reel. Ten symbols on a reel? The odds of hitting that symbol is 1 in 10.

On new video slot machines, the odds of hitting a particular symbol could be set to 1 in 15, 1 in 20, or any other number the slot machine designer can think of.

Slot Machine Winning Strategies

The title of this page, “5 Sure-Fire Strategies for Winning Slot Machine Games”, is a bit of a misnomer. No sure-fire strategy for winning at slots exists, because the games are designed (like other casino games are) to give the house an edge. So really what we have here are 5 strategies for understanding how to get a better value for your gambling dollar when you’re playing slot machine games. Follow these strategies and you’ll have more fun while you’re playing. And you will have a chance at winning.

The biggest advantage a slot machine game offers over other casino games is the chance at winning a large amount with a single bet. In a blackjack game, the most you can normally win is 1.5 times your original bet. In roulette, you might win 35 times your original bet. But only in a slot machine game can you win thousands of times your original bet. Keep this in mind when you play, and go for the big jackpots.

The odds of winning at a slot machine are unknown. Other casino games operate according to specific rules. The math based on those rules can be used to determine a payback percentage. Blackjack pays back about 99% if played with perfect strategy. Roulette pays back around 94%. But every slot machine game can offer different payouts.

Video poker is a lot like a slot machine but usually offers a better payout percentage. Video poker is definitely worth trying. It does involve some decisionmaking, which is different from what you’ll find in a slot machine game, but the payout percentage is so much higher than a typical slot machine that even a bad video poker game offers a good payout percentage. And Jacks or Better is an easy game to learn how to play.

Join the slots club. Just about every casino in the world offers a players’ club. Every time you spin the reels, if you’ve put your slot club card in the slot, you’ll receive points toward free stuff: food, room, tickets, free money to play with, etc. There is no downside to belonging to the slots club.

Stay away from progression betting systems like the Martingale. These are hard to use when playing slot machines anyway, but some experts like John Patrick try to sell the idea of varying your bets based on whether you’re winning or losing.


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