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Free Spins as Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos love giving new gamblers free bonuses. They shower first-time clientele with offers including things like free money and free spins.

Get 20 Free Spins at Slots Empire Right Now

Deposit bonuses can increase your gambling bankroll by as much as 3x. But I’m here to discuss the free spins offers at online casinos.

Free spins as online casino bonuses are the perfect way for slot machine gamblers to maximize your casino dollar. And, luckily, these free spins aren’t reserved for new customers.

Existing or returning online casino gamblers can also get free spins. You can capitalize on free spins in several ways.




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  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

The Best Free Spins Bonuses in 2023

Knowing where to go for the best free spins online casino bonuses is critical for the online slots player. Many new online gamblers may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online casinos and accompanying offers. Reading online casino reviews can help.

I’m here to clear away some of the clutter You can go to any of these online casinos confident that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Slots Empire offers 20 free spins to new players. As the name implies, Slots Empire is an online casino focusing on slot machines.

Slots Empire is the definitive online home for the avid slot machine gambler. With over 210 games, Slots Empire is a premier contender.

You’ll find a number of exciting games like Texas Tycoon, Vegas Lux, T-Rex 2, and Rudolph’s Revenge. For the more nostalgic gambler, you’ll have an exciting array of licensed games with an odd old-school twist.

Ritchie Valens La Bamba, The Big Bopper, and The Three Stooges are all available at Slots Empire.

Red Dog Casino offers 25 free spins to new players. Sure, that may not sound like much, but it’s a complete 25% more than Slots Empire.

When it comes to online slots, every spin theoretically brings you closer to the elusive jackpot. So, one spin could be the difference between leaving with nothing and scoring a significant win.

Red Dog Casino offers more than 200 games with many of the same popular slots as Slots Empire. Red Dog Casino is an excellent place to make your online casino home.

El Royale Casino offers 15 free spins to new gamblers.

You can’t go wrong selecting any one of the beautiful online casinos and their incredible free spins bonuses.

How Do Free Spins at Online Casinos Work?

You may be asking yourself why these online casinos would give players the opportunity to win money for free. It boils down to a few keys for the online casinos.

First, the online casino industry is full of fierce competition. The casinos must take any step necessary to lure new customers.

Both first-time online gamblers and customers from the competition are in play. Merely opening the door and rolling out the welcome mat isn’t enough to draw new customers.

Online casinos began offering new customer and loyalty bonuses, and that became the industry standard for customer acquisition.

If you were going out for a hamburger and the place across the street was offering free fries and a drink, all things being equal, you’d be silly to pass on the freebies.

Now, all the other burger places in town must offer free fries and a drink to retain or build their customer base. That’s the world of online casinos.

Next is the psychological element of the free spins. Don’t get me wrong; there are numerous real benefits to the customer.

But the casino still has the long-term edge over a player if they can keep them gambling. Online slot machines have a higher return to players than land-based casinos, though — which is great news for the gambler.

That’s because the online casinos don’t have as much overhead. So, the free spins can make the difference between a losing and a winning session.

Still, the casino knows that they are going to finish in the black.

The free spins are added to a customer’s account and provide an excellent avenue for players to extend their gaming when the bankroll begins to dwindle.

Free Spin Bonuses Categorized

You can break down free spin bonuses from online casinos into 5 main categories. These are deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, independent, loyalty reward, and non-cash prize.

I’ll examine each and give you some of the pros or cons of each.

Deposit Bonus

These bonuses come as a gift with a qualifying deposit. Typically a minimum deposit amount is set relatively low to qualify for the free spins. Deposit bonus free spins are the most common category for free spin bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is phenomenal when you can find them. These bonuses are granted for merely creating an account with an online casino and don’t require players to make a deposit.

When you run across a casino offering a no deposit bonus, you should take full advantage of the free spins.


Sometimes a casino will merely gift players with free spins. These spins aren’t associated with any deposit or specific criteria.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Take the free spins without asking why.


As I mentioned, customer retention is a primary focus for online casinos. The competition is constantly bombarding potential customers with impressive offers.

So, the casinos throw loyalty bonuses at their existing customers. These bonuses keep the customers happy and gambling.

I love the loyalty bonus because it keeps customers from setting up new accounts or learning to navigate new sites.

Non-Cash Prize

Occasionally you’ll see free spin bonuses that offer prizes other than cash. These can either be pretty good or pretty bad.

If you’re the type of gambler that believes anything won is just as good as cash, then great. These will provide you with some fun and valuable prizes.

However, if you prefer cold hard cash for your efforts, the non-cash prize is hardly an incentive.

Understanding how free spin bonuses are categorized can save you time, money, and ultimately frustration.

How to Choose a Free Spins Casino

Choosing the right free spins casino is more important than picking the biggest bonus. Many online casino gamblers have made the error of chasing the sexiest bonus without paying much attention to the casino itself.

This short-sighted approach can be devastating.

First, consider the casino’s security precautions. You’ll be sharing vital financial information with the online site. Vet any online casino before making a deposit.

Next, examine their selection of games. Most online casinos offer 150 games or more. But if 148 of them don’t interest you at all, then it may not be a good fit.

Also need to examine the RTP for the games you intend to play. The online casinos can determine what the RTP is for a specific game they order.

So, a game that pays out at 97.5% in one casino may only be 96% in another.

Once you’ve vetted the legitimacy and the games in an online casino, it’s time to test their customer service. Do they offer 24/7 support?

Waiting 6 hours for a reply from customer service can be infuriating. Send a message to support and check how long it takes to get a response.

Were they able to address your questions or concerns in a timely manner?

If so, then look at their withdrawal process. You might assume that withdrawals are processed immediately.

You’re not alone; many gamblers mistakenly believe that online casino withdrawals are processed within hours. Unfortunately, the process takes days and sometimes longer.

Read the casino’s terms and conditions carefully. Some casinos only process withdrawal requests once a week.

That may have you sitting in limbo for days before the request is even processed. Then you’ve got several days to wait for the request to process.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, consider the free spins bonus. Believe me, there are more critical factors than free spins.

How to Get a Free Spins Bonus

Getting your free spins bonus is as straightforward as it gets. You’ll usually be required to register an account with the casino.

Opening an account is as easy as entering your information, including address, date of birth, and an e-mail.

After that, it’s as simple as choosing which casino bonus you want. Take your time with this step; the one that looks the best on paper may not be ideal for your preferences.

Once you’ve registered an account and decided on an offer, it’s as simple as claiming your free spin bonus.

Keep in mind that some free spin bonuses will have deposit requirements that need to be met before you get the free spins.

Claim a Free Spins Bonus Right Now

Luckily for you, I’ve already taken care of most of the work for you. I’ve found the online casinos with the best free spin bonuses right now, thoroughly vetted the casinos, and ensured that these casinos offer a vast selection of games.

Now, the only work you need to do is sign up and start spinning your way towards the next jackpot.

The 20 free spins at Slots Empire is a win for every avid slots player. Whether you’re only recently getting into the world of online casino gambling or have been in the game for years, Slots Empire can exceed the needs of any slots enthusiast.

Slots Empire also offers no-fee withdrawals that can usually process in 1-3 days. The casino even provides Bitcoin for payouts.

Being able to get paid out in cryptocurrency may not swing you one way or another. Still, it shows a forward-leaning and innovative team. Something that will no doubt benefit players in the future.

Other Free Spins on Slot Machine Games

All legitimate online casinos give players the chance to play their games for free.

But, instead of playing the games for real money, you’ll be playing merely for entertainment.

Playing the “play money” games in online casinos give you an excellent feel for the games. I introduced a friend to casino gambling with these free spin games.

As we went through the process, I was able to teach proper bankroll management and slot machine strategy and answer any questions as they arose—all of this without my friend having to commit a single dollar to the casino’s vault.

Understandably, the free spins do have their limit. But you’re easily able to wait a short period and become eligible for more free spins.

Among all the outstanding services provided by the online casinos, being able to play the games for free is among the best.

New players can wade into the waters and get a kinder learning curve by playing the free spins for play money. Casino veterans benefit from the opportunity to try new games for free.

All players appreciate the chance to learn the online casino’s interface. Few things are more frustrating than accidentally clearing a bet out or botching a bonus game because you’re unfamiliar with the user interface.

Questions and Answers about Free Spins

Do Free Spins Come with Wagering Requirements?

Yes, there are always wagering requirements with free spins. (If you find out about an exception, let me know.) Wagering requirements are a predetermined number of times you must make a wager before you may turn the free spins into real money.

This protects the casino from players merely taking the free money and moving to another casino. You may win money on your first spin of the reels, but the casino will have their shot to win it back.

Can Players Win Real Money on Free Spins?

Yes, gamblers can win real money with free spin offers. You face wagering requirements, but the money won on free spins is as good as gold.

Are Certain Games Excluded from Free Spins?

Most online casinos offer free spins for a specific game, which means that there are other games are excluded from the offer. Sometimes the free spins can be used on any game. It depends on the casino and the offer.

Can You Claim Free Spins on Mobile?

You can claim free spins at mobile casinos. Slots Empire has a mobile interface that’s easy to navigate.

Do You Need a Code to Claim Free Spins?

Some casinos will use the registered e-mail to provide a code you must use to receive your bonus. This helps the casino ensure all bonuses are legitimate.

Are There Deposit Restrictions on Free Spins?

That depends on the type of bonus being offered. However, at some point, you’ll have wagering requirements to play through. So, if you don’t have an existing balance, you’ll need to choose one of the deposit methods available.


Free spins as online casino bonuses offer tremendous advantages for casino gamblers. You’re starting the race with a distinct disadvantage, so any head start you can get should be welcomed.

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