Enchanted Kingdom Slots (Real Slot Machine to Play Online)

Enchanted Kingdom slot machines are part of the G+ series from WMS Gaming.

Games within this series are serious about “celebrating the big win.” When you play Enchanted Kingdom slots or any other games in the series, you are sure to have a great time while chasing large jackpots. And that is what you want, right?

As a five reel video slot you will pick up on the ins and outs of this game in no time at all. Even though the game is basic in nature, you will learn as you go along that there are many finer details that will keep you on the edge of your seat.




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  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

Enchanted Kingdom Slots and Free Spins

One of the most popular features of the G+ series is the free spin games that are offered. No matter how much you are interested in betting, you have the chance to win free spins by playing Enchanted Kingdom slot machines. When this happens you are now playing with the casino’s money, and this gives you the chance to go for the big win!

When you hit the free spin feature you are taken to a mystical land in which you can use your free spins in a castle themed game. With a high bonus hit rate you are going to win more free spins than you ever thought possible. This is what WMS Gaming was going for with Enchanted Kingdom slot machines, and it is safe to say that they hit the nail on the head.

Enchanted Kingdom Symbols

First things first, you need to know that the Princess symbol replaces any other – this includes the Crown symbol which triggers the bonus round. Othersymbols include: cheetah, mushroom, frog, squirrel, and an apple.

With Enchanted Kingdom slot machines free spin wins are unlimited . As long as you continue to play the game you can continue to rack up free spins which will give you the chance to better your winnings.

There may not be a lot of information on Enchanted Kingdom slot machines, but if you ever come across this game you should definitely give it a shot. As part of the G+ series you have the chance to win free spins and a lot of money while having an awesome time.

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