Elvis Slots (Las Vegas Slot Machine Game)

As you probably know, Elvis was one of the greatest musical performers of all time. Even though he has been gone for many years, Elvis continues to remain an icon throughout the world. For this reason, it only makes sense that Elvis slots are just as popular. Walk into any casino you are sure to find at least a few of these slot machines. Additionally, Elvis slots have also become quite popular online as well. Elvis was the King, and it appears that he should have the same moniker within the slot machine industry.

Elvis Slots Popularity

What is it that makes Elvis slot machines a favorite among slot players? That’s easy to figure out. Elvis slots have big time name recognition because, well…he’s Elvis. The guy is still revered around the world and especially in Las Vegas where you still see Elvis impersonators with their own shows. Hell, they even have contests to see who is the best. I remember catching the act of a big black guy who called himself “Fat Elvis”. A cab driver who drove the wife and I from the McCarran International Aiport to Caesar’s recommended that we catch his act. “Best Elvis act in town” is what he told us. So we walked across the street to what was then The Barbary Coast casino (now it’s Bills Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon) and saw his act during happy hour. The cabbie was right. Sounded just like the King himself. The point is that Elvis is still very popular with the gambling public




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  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

Elvis Slots: The Details

Elvis slots are manufactured by International Games Technology (IGT) and come in two separate and distinct variations; Elvis Rockin’ the Charts slots and Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots. You are drawn to these games as you walk pas them by the pictures of Elvis and the videos of Elvis singing. Both of these games feature of videos of Elvis singing some of his most memorable songs such as Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel and my favorite, Elvis sing Glory Glory Halelujah. The Elvis Rockin’ the Charts slots has 13 Elvis songs on it. The Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots gives you the chance to see on of five live Elvis performances

Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots

This is an exciting game with multiple levels and screen. It also has multiple bonus rounds. The symbols on Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots include Graceland, a teddy bear, microphone, pink cadillac, a free ride bonus symbol with elvis dancing on it, photo memories bonus symbol, fan-o-meter bonus symbol, record sales bonus symbols, wild symbols and a picture of Elvis with his signature scrawled over it.

Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots Rockin’ Re-Spin Bonus

This bonus is initiated by getting two Photo Memories or Record Sales bonus symbols on the first two reels. These reels are then locked and the remaining reels are re-spun up to three times. If a wild symbol appears on any of the re-spun reels, it too is locked and a scatter pay bonus paid – unless a Photo Memories or Record Sales are initiated. If, after each re-spin, no more wild symbols appear the bonus round ends and you are bumped up to the next level if a free ride has been awarded.

Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots Photo Memories Bonus

Two photo memories bonus symbols and three wild symbols will get this bonusround started. During this bonus round you collect Elvis photos with the use of a spinning pointer. Each Elvis photo awards you bonus amounts. The bonus round ends when you collect all of the Elvis photos or your pointer lands on collect bonus.

Elvis Slots Record Sales Bonus

Bonus round is initiated by getting two record sales bonus symbols and three wild symbols. In this round, you select records and a value of silver, gold or platinum is revealed and a corresponding bonus awarded.

Elvis Slots Fan-O-Meter Bonus

If you get a fan-o-meter bonus symbol on reels one, two and three, the fan-o-meter bonus round begins. During this bonus round, five tv screens appear. You select one and you get to see and hear a live perfomance by Elvis. The fan-o-meter at the top of the machine indicates the maximum level of the applause during the clip and you are awarded that multiplier bonus. If the applause reaches the encore level, you get to select another tv screen.

My Experience Playing Elvis Slots

I played the Elvis Multi-Strike Video Slots at Choctaw Casino on December 9, 2009. It was the one cent version of the game. I wanted to get into the fan-o-meter bonus round, but, never got there. The two ladies next to me seemed to get into that bonus round with every other spin. It was a really frustrating slots session for me. I ended up losing about $125 on Elvis Slots that evening. It’s a cool game. I like seeing the Elvis videos. It is safe to say I will be trying this game out again the next time I get the chance.

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