Da Vinci Diamonds Slots (RTP and Slot Machine Review)

Manufactured by International Game Technology’s (IGT), Da Vinci Diamonds slot machines are part of the company’s popular lineup of Game King Enhanced Video Slots. With many games in this collection it is easy for some of them to get passed by. Fortunately, Da Vinci Diamonds is always at the forefront and has become a favorite among many players and casinos. As you can probably tell by the name, Da Vinci Diamonds are inspired by the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. In fact, his most well known piece, the Mona Lisa, is featured on top of the machine.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Machines: The Details

Da Vinci Diamonds slot machines are configured with five reels and 20 paylines. As noted above, this is a video slot game. You should expect video clips to play from time to time, as well as high quality sound bytes to soothe your ears as you play.

As a penny game, Da Vinci Diamonds slot machines can be enjoyed by all. The maximum bet is 1,000 credits or $10. With a top award of 5,000 credits this game is well worth your time and money.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slots Tumbling Reels Feature

The Tumbling Reels feature has gone a long way in making Da Vinci Diamonds slot machines a favorite among players. With this feature, symbols that make up a winning combination disappear while new ones replace them. In turn, your chance of winning greatly increases. IGT has this to say about the Tumbling Reels feature: “You could win again and again and again with the Tumbling Reels Feature!”

Along with the chance to increase your earnings, there is also a free spins bonus.

Detailed symbols and graphics make your time with Da Vinci Diamonds slot machines enjoyable. This game features a one of a kind theme, low starting bet, and the Tumbling Reels feature. What more could you ask for?

Slots Guy Fun Fact: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was a painter, musician, sculptor, inventor, geologist, writer, and mathematician. But one thing he never had the pleasure to experience were slot machines!

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