Crazy 7 slots is a three reel machine from Playtech. Even though you can only play this machine online, it is one that you may want to consider checking out the next time you have some spare time. As you probably know, online slots are becoming popular because not everybody can make it to the casino. Crazy 7 slot machines are sure to keep a smile on your face, and hoping for a jackpot that will put some money in your pocket.




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  • 250% up to $2,500


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 250% up to $1,000


  • 260% Casino Bonus up to $10,000


  • 280% up to $14,000

Crazy 7 Slots: The Details

With three reels, Crazy 7 slots are easy to understand. In fact, many people agree that this is one of the best online games for beginners. With each spin you have the chance to bet anywhere from one to three coins. You can bet as little as a nickel or as much as five dollars; the choice is yours. Players who do not have a lot of money can spend hours on end with Crazy 7 slots thanks to the low betting denomination. But if you are a high roller, there is nothing wrong with betting a few dollars per spin.

The maximum payout with Crazy 7 slots is 400 coins. Even though this is not the biggest payout, for the small bet needed it is a handsome sum.

Crazy 7 slot machines are easy to follow, simple to understand, and pay out reasonable for the amount that you are required to bet. If you are searching or an online slot machine that is perfect for beginners, Crazy 7 is a great place to start. Playtech offers many games, and this one is sure to stand the test of time. Even though I have plenty of online slots experience, I stop by and play Crazy 7s from time to time just for kicks!

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