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Best Online Scratchcards USA 2023: Scratch and Win Instantly

Online scratch cards are the internet equivalent of the scratch-offs that Americans buy in convenience stores and gas stations. State lotteries produce land-based scratch cards, which have fun themes and big prizes for lotto gamblers. Since online casino games sites began offering real money scratch cards online to US players, they have become more popular than ever. If you love to play scratch-offs, then try at WildCasino.ag’s online scratch cards.

In short, scratch cards are fun because they are simple and require no strategy. Buy your card, scratch off the latex cover, and hope for winning numbers. Online scratch cards combine those game rules with great graphics and bigger prizes. Consequently, US players love these games. Read our guide to online scratch cards, which shows players how to scratch and win instantly at a US online casino.

WildCasino.ag Online Scratchcards Overview

FlipLuck Games provides Wild Casino with all its online scratch cards. The software provider, whose 15 game developers have designed over 200 online casino games over the years, has offices in Bucharest, Romania, and a branch office in Spain. The company is quite new, having launched in 2019.

Online Scratchcards at Wild Casino

Scratch Card Provider Best Feature
Turkish Delight Flipluck Bet $0.80 to win $200,000
Dream Vacation Flipluck Bet $1.00 to win $250,000
Symbols of Luck Flipluck Bet $3.00 to win $300,000
Lucky Night Flipluck Bet $0.50 to win $50,000
Lucky Nugget Flipluck Bet $2.00 to win $200,000
Sky Patriots Flipluck Patriotic Bonuses
Fabulous Piggy Bank Flipluck Jackpot of x12600
Mysterious Lamp Flipluck Max Win of x12170
Kings of War Flipluck 1/3 Spins for a Win
Journey of Ra Flipluck Big RTP, Big Payouts
King’s Alchemist Flipluck Random Freespins
The Two Emperors Scratchcard Flipluck 5 Free Spins for x12350
Viking Crown of Destiny Flipluck x1500 for 3 of a Kind
Lucky Plunder Scratchcard Flipluck Huge Payouts

Top 5 Online Scratch Cards at WildCasino.ag | FlipLuck Games

After crunching the numbers, here are the five best online scratch cards you can play at Wild Casino. All five are from FlipLuck Games. Take the RTP percentage on Lucky Nugget, Journey of Ra, and Emerald Fantasy with a grain of salt. Moreover, these are the posted RTP figures for FlipLuck’s online scratchcards, but they are way out of line with the company’s remaining scratchcards. We suspect someone transcribed “68” and “65” as “98” and “95” but that is only a hunch.

Lucky Nugget Scratchcard

Because Lucky Nugget Scratchcard has a price range of $1.25 to $12.50 and a staggering 100,000x multiplier, it is the best online scratch card from FlipLuck Games. If that doesn’t sound good enough, this October 2020 release offers enticing odds at a 95.45% win rate.

Journey of Ra Scratchcard

Released in August 2021, Journey of Ra Scratchard offers players a chance to win between $1 and $20. With a generous payout rate of 95.50% and a maximum multiplier of 12,380x, this ancient Egyptian-themed scratch card is a thrilling adventure.

Emerald Fantasy Scratchcard

Launched in November 2020, the Emerald Fantasy Scratchcard by FlipLuck Games offers an affordable gaming experience at $0.50 per card. With a potential prize range of $0.50 to $12.50 and a high payout rate of 98.54%, this mystical-themed scratchcard keeps players engaged and enchanted.

Mysterious Lamp

Unveiled in September 2021, the Mysterious Lamp scratch card transports players into a world of magic and mystery. In brief, Mysterious Lamp betting range from $1 to $20, with a multiplier of 12,170x and a payout rate of 71.91%. We recommend Emerald Fantasy, but the Mysterious Lamp scratch card offers a chance at a big prize.

King’s Alchemist

Enter the realm of alchemy with King’s Alchemist, a scratch card introduced in June 2021. Offering a betting range of $1 to $20, a multiplier of 12,300x. Balanced against that is a payout rate of 70.80%. Players can turn their wagers into royal treasures, but scratch cards higher on this list are better options.

Best Online Scratch Cards from FlipLuck Games

Scratch Card Min Bet Max Bet Release Date RTP Max Jackpot
Lucky Nugget Scratchcard $1.25 $12.50 October 2020 95.45% 100,000x
Journey of Ra Scratchcard $1 $20 August 2021 95.50% 12,380x
Emerald Fantasy Scratchcard $0.50 $12.50 November 2020 98.54% Unknown
Mysterious Lamp $1 $20 September 2021 71.91% 12,170x
King’s Alchemist $1 $20 June 2021 70.80% 12,300x
Lucky Plunder $1 $20 May 2021 70.50% 12,170x
Viking: Crown of Destiny $1 $20 December 2020 70.24% 10,268x
The Two Emperors Scratchcard $1.00 $20.00 September 2020 70.05% 12,350x
Millionaire Jackpot Scratchcard $1.00 $20.00 May 2021 69.96% 12,170x
Sky Patriots Scratchcard $1 $20 December 2020 69.85% 8,674x
Kings of War $1 $20 June 2021 69.84% 12,170x
Fabulous Piggy Bank $1 $20 September 2021 67.34% 12,600x
Tomb of Secrets $0.50 $0.50 April 2021 61.98% 20,000x
New York Scratchcard $1 $20 May 2021 61.98% 20,000x
Paris Scratchcard $0.50 $12.50 August 2020 61.98% 20,000x
Tokyo Scratchcard $1.25 $12.50 December 2020 61.98% 20,000x
Symbols of Luck $1.25 $12.50 May 2020 57.84% 100,000x
Dream Vacation $1.25 $12.50 May 2021 54.46% 100,000x
Lucky Night $1 $20 May 2021 54.46% 100,000x
Turkish Delights Scratchcard $1 $20 July 2021 Unknown 10,000x

More FlipLuck Online Scratch Cards at WildCasino.ag

Those who want a rundown of the full list of online scratchcards at Wild Casino should take a list at the game profiles below.

Sky Patriots Scratchcard

Soar through the virtual skies with the Sky Patriots Scratchcard. Released in December 2020, this thrilling game offers a price range of $1 to $20. Finally, Sky Patriots has a jackpot of up to 8,674 times your bet and a win rate of 69.85%.

Dream Vacation Scratchcard

Embark on a dreamy adventure with the Dream Vacation Scratchcard. Introduced in May 2021, Dream Vacations has a bet range of $1.25 to $12.50 game. Even better, it has a chance to win up to 100,000 times your stake. Conversely, Dream Vacation has an RTP of 54.46%, so it’s not a good idea to play this game.

Lucky Night Scratchcard

Once in a while, everyone needs a bit of luck, so try Lucky Night Scratchcard. Released in May 2021, this $1 to $20 game offers a tantalizing 100,000x multiplier and a win rate of 54.46% for an exciting gaming experience.

Turkish Delights Scratchcard

Indulge in the mythic allure of the Turkish Delights Scratchcard. Introduced in July 2021, the jackpot remains a mystery. Whatever it is, players can still enjoy the potential to win up to 10,000 times their bet in this $1 to $20 game.

Lucky Plunder

Launched in May 2021, the Lucky Plunder scratch card is a pirate-themed adventure where players can seek their fortune. To conclude, Lucky Plunder has a payout rate of 70.50%, a maximum multiplier of 12,170x, and betting options from $1 to $20.

Viking: Crown of Destiny

Embark on an epic Nordic journey with Viking: Crown of Destiny. This scratch card, released in December 2020, offers a betting range of $1 to $20 and a multiplier of 10,268x. In brief, with a payout rate of 70.24%, players can aspire to claim their destiny as Viking conquerors.

The Two Emperors Scratchcard

Introduced in September 2020, The Two Emperors Scratchcard offers an exciting gameplay experience. With a betting range of $1.00 to $20.00 and a generous multiplier of 12,350x. Finally, The Two Emperors has a payout rate of 70.05%, which is not great.

Kings of War

Conquer kingdoms and claim riches in Kings of War scratch card. Released in June 2021, this game features a betting range of $1 to $20 and a multiplier of 12,170x. Since it has an RTP of 69.84%, players might consider a different scratch card game.

Fabulous Piggy Bank

Unveiled in September 2021, the Fabulous Piggy Bank scratch card offers a delightful and rewarding experience. With a payout rate of 67.34% and a generous multiplier of 12,600x. Like previous games on this list, the coin denominations range from $1 to $20.

Symbols of Luck

With a unique betting range from $1.25 to $12.50, the Symbols of Luck scratch card delivers a thrilling gameplay experience. Introduced in May 2020, this game offers a massive 100,000x multiplier and a payout rate of 57.84%. Symbols of Luck has a bad RTP, though it gives players a chance to win a huge prize.

More FlipLuck Scratchcards That are Available Online

While most of FlipLuck’s scratch card titles are available at Wild Casino, not all of them are. With that in mind, here are a few more of FlipLuck’s early online scratch cards you can find at other US-friendly online casinos.

Millionaire Jackpot Scratchcard

Introduced in May 2021, the Millionaire Jackpot Scratchcard from FlipLuck Games provides players with a chance to win big. Priced at $1.00 per card, it offers a wide bet range of $1.00 to $20.00 and boasts an impressive multiplier of 12,170x. Furthermore, the payout rate stands at 69.96%, which is better than most of the cards on this list. And with a large potential jackpot, that makes this scratchcard a thrilling choice.

Tomb of Secrets

Released in April 2021, the Tomb of Secrets scratchcard offers an adventure at an affordable price of $0.50 per card. Despite the low price, players have the opportunity to wager as little as $0.50 with a multiplier of 20,000x. Finally, the payout rate is 61.98% and has a high potential multiplier making it an enticing choice.

New York Scratchcard

Launched in May 2021, the New York Scratchcard by FlipLuck Games offers players an opportunity to scratch their way with bets ranging from $1 to $20. Besides that, New York has a payout rate of 61.98% and a maximum multiplier of 20,000x. Certainly, this scratchcard provides an exciting New York-themed gaming experience but a low RTP.

Paris Scratchcard

Introduced in August 2020, the Paris Scratchcard captures the essence of the City of Light. Priced at $0.50 to $12.50 per card, players can enjoy the charming Parisian theme. On the other hand, it has a low payout rate of 61.98%. Since it offers a maximum multiplier of only 20,000x, this scratchcard offers is not the best game for online players.

Tokyo Scratchcard

Released in December 2020, the Tokyo Scratchcard immerses players in the vibrant atmosphere of the Japanese capital. Priced at $1.25 to $12.50 per card, it offers a payout of up to 20,000 times the bet. In this case, Tokyo Scratchard has a 61.98%, so it’s not the best game option. At the same time, it has a maximum multiplier of 20,000x. With such a big jackpot, this scratchcard has a low RTP but a chance at a big prize.

Pros and Cons of Online Scratch Cards

Remember, online scratch cards tend to have a high house edge. As a rule, lottery games have the highest house edge of any legal gambling game. In fact, it’s so high that it’s illegal for commercial companies to sell lotto tickets and scratch cards; only the government can.

Naturally, the same goes for online Keno, lottery games, and scratch cards. Obviously, nothing says that online scratchers must have a high house edge, but it’s the practice. First, it’s not easy to research what the true house edge is. Second, many players like the chance at a big lottery-style jackpot, so gaming operators charge them for the chance at a big prize. However, online scratch cards with a top prize of $125,000 seem attainable but also give a life-changing payout.

In summary, if $125,000 jackpots seem like a good bargain to you, then create or sign in to your WildCasino.ag player account today and start playing FlipLuck Games real money online scratch cards.

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