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Best Online Casino Games for Real Money US Players

The Top 5 list of the best real money online casino games varies from player to player. Some prefer online slots because of their big jackpots, while others prefer blackjack, video poker, or baccarat due to their low house edge. Still, others prefer live dealer games because they combine the social interaction of land-based casino games with the convenience of online gambling.

Whether you want to find the best casino games online or find the US casinos with the best game selection, our guide to casino games should point the way. Read about real-money casino games and free game demos. You might find your new favorite casino game online.

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Most Popular Games at US Online Casinos

Most people who play at US online casinos like the variety of casino games. Most of the sites we review have all of the games listed below. Our ratings focus heavily on the games’ variety and quality. Knowing online casino games’ basics helps you understand what you want. Learn the basics by reading our game guides.

  • Online Slots: Read our huge resource of online slot reviews, including over 400 slot titles.
  • Online Blackjack: Beat the dealer by building a hand close to 21. Play the casino game with the lowest house edge.
  • Online Roulette: Place bets on the world’s most popular spinning wheel game. Learn the differences between American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette.
  • Online Baccarat: Play the casino game with no strategy elements that have the lowest house edge. See why baccarat is the most popular game in Asian casinos.
  • Online Craps: Bet on a dice roll. Learn the full list of craps best. More importantly, learn which are the good bets and which are the sucker bets.
  • Online Video Poker: Enjoy a whole list of games based on draw poker. Video Poker combines the convenience of gaming machines with the strategy elements of poker.
  • Live Casino: Live dealer games let online players bet on casino games with real dealers streamed to the screen in real-time. Live casino games include the best of live casino games with the ease of online gambling.

More Real Money Online Casino Games USA

  • Table Poker: This is a catch-all term for table games based on poker rules. Examples include Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Holdem, Caribbean Draw, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and Red Dog.
  • Sic Bo Online: Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game that means “dice pair” in Chinese. It has a lot of interesting bets, though the house edge isn’t quite as good as craps. If a casino doesn’t have craps and you want a casino dice game, give online Sic Bo a try.
  • Keno Online: A Chinese 80-ball lottery game that’s found in the Specialty Game section of most casino sites. In US casinos, bets can be as low as 10 cents and payouts can be as high as $1 million.
  • Bingo Online: Casino sites often have online bingo cards, too. These pay out if you fill out the bingo card before a certain number of balls, which can be adjusted according to your tastes.
  • Online Scratch Cards: Based on the scratch-offs that Americans buy in US convenience stores coast to coast, online scratch cards offer jackpots as high as $125,000 but also a high house edge.

Online Casino Game House Edge Information

Read through the table below to find the optimal house edge for the various online casino games. Blackjack and video poker requires players to learn basic strategy to assure optimal results. Most other casino games don’t require strategy, but players should know the best bets to make in those games. For instance, roulette, craps, and Sic Bo have a lot of bets, including sucker bets.

The odds below reflect the lowest house edge you can achieve, based on the best bets in each game. Baccarat players should avoid tying bets, a sucker bet not shown below. Blackjack and video poker players should read about the game variants, so they can learn which variants are best. The same goes for online slots, which have the widest variance in the house edge and return-to-player (RTP).

The House Edge for US Online Casino Games

Video Poker 0.46% to 2%
Blackjack 0.50% to 2%
Baccarat 1.06%
Craps 1.36%
European Roulette 2.70%
French Roulette 2.70%
Sic Bo 2.78%
Slots 3% to 7% or higher
American Roulette 5.26%
Bingo 30%
Keno 20% to 30% or higher

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How to Play Real Money Casino Games Online

If you’ve never played real money games online, follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be playing in minutes.

  1. Sign Up: Sign up at a real money US online casino. Read casino reviews to pick the site with the games you prefer. Pay attention to software providers if you have preferences.
  2. Make a Deposit: To play for real money, you’ll need to deposit money into your account. If not, you can play online casino games for free using after downloading the site software or, more commonly these days, playing instant games in the web browser.
  3. Accept the Bonus: US sites offer welcome bonuses on the first deposit. Remember to use a deposit code if the site requires them. If you deposit using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other deposit methods, activate the crypto bonus and receive even more cash.
  4. Pick the Best Casino Game: Next, pick your favorite casino game. Look at the games menu at the top of most casinos’ homepages for a list of game options. These are organized into broad categories such as slots, table games, specialty games, video poker, mobile casino games, and live casino games.
  5. Play for Real Money: Click on a game icon to start playing your preferred game. Read the terms of use on the promotions page to assure you play games that clear the wagering requirement.
  6. Clear the Wagering Requirement: Next, clear the rollover requirement by playing for real money. You can refer to the cashier page from time to time to see how much of the bonus requirement has been cleared.
  7. Cash Out Winnings: Finally, once the wagering requirement is cleared, you can make a withdrawal with your winnings and whatever bonus cash remains. Wait a few hours for crypto payouts and a few days for other withdrawal types.

Best Games at Online Casinos USA Sites

Casino Name Welcome Bonus Best Player Benefit
Wild Casino $5,000 at 250% Best for Table Games
Slots of Vegas $2,500 at 250% Best for Slots
Planet 7 Casino $2,500 at 250% Best for Progressive Slots
Las Atlantis Casino $14,000 at 280% Best For High Rollers
BetUS Casino $2,500 at 125% Best for Live Dealer Games
SlotsPlus Casino $7,000 at 200% Best No Deposit Bonus

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Online Casino Game Real Money FAQ

What is a casino game?

A casino game is one of an order of gambling games hosted and organized in land-based casinos. Many of the games are world-famous: slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, video poker, keno, or scratch cards. Others are less well-known in North America, such as Andar Bahar or Teen Patti.

As a rule, online casino games were popular offline somewhere. A design house converted the rules to online casino software, and now it is an online casino game available for play. Most casino games have a house edge between 1% and 10%, though there is some variance in those odds, as well. The point is that most casino games give the casino a small house edge.

How do I play casino games online?

Our guide above helps you learn how to play casino games online. If you want the upshot, people have many ways to play online casino games. They can play casino games on social media sites. Or they can go to a social casino or sweepstakes casinos, though that requires playing around with a bunch of imaginary money and site credits.

Alternatively, you can visit the App Store or Play Store and download a mobile casino app. Certain slot review sites like Slots Guy have thousands of slot demos. One even claims to have ten thousand free slots. But the only way to play casino games online for real money is to go to an online casino and sign up. Read casino reviews, pick a good casino site, register for an account, make a deposit, and start playing casino games for real money.

What casino game has the best odds?

Depending on the variant, either blackjack or video poker has the best odds. Technically, full-pay Loose Deuces video poker is a positive expectation game. If you played it all day, every day, then you would expect to win more money than you lose. That being said, you’d need a large bankroll to net the kind of profit you’d need to make a living at it. Besides, the margin would be so small that you could not be sure you’d be winning cash all the time.

Beyond all of that, full-pay video poker hardly exists anymore. In the 1990s, certain Off-the-Strip Las Vegas casinos had full-pay video poker machines. Once the word got out and people wrote books about it, players flocked to those sites and somewhat poisoned the well. These days, you shouldn’t expect to find a full-pay video poker machine anywhere.

With that in mind, the best versions of blackjack and video poker have a house edge around 99.50%. On either game, if you learn basic strategy and play optimally, then you can expect to win back $99.50 of every $100 you wager.

How do I win casino games?

Again, you learn how to win at casino games by reading guides like those you’ll find at Slots Guy. Certain games, like blackjack and video poker, are games of chance that have elements of skill. They have strategies you can learn that optimize your chances of winning. In either case, you’ll read how-to guides and basic strategy charts that show you the optimal way to play each hand. Either memorize the charts or keep one handy while playing, then follow the moves that computer models show are the best.

That’s for games like blackjack or video poker. For most other casino games, the basic strategy is to get lucky. Slots, roulette, baccarat, and craps are games of chance. They’re pure luck. None of them have strategy elements. No tips exist that change the odds.

Sure, you can read tips that help when playing baccarat and craps. Certain bets in each game have better odds, so you should read enough to learn to avoid sucker bets. Certain variants of roulette have better odds, while certain slot games have better return-to-player (RTP) ratios. Before playing those casino games, learn which bets, which variants, and which titles are best.

How to make money from casino games?

As the old saying goes, if you want to make money from casino games, buy a casino. Or as another old saying goes, if you want to walk out of the casino with a small pile of cash, you should first walk into the casino with a big pile of cash. The fact is, all casinos operate with a house advantage. The integrated casino resorts in Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo only exist because they consistently win money from players.

Of course, players win every day. The margins are small enough that players feel like they can win. But the longer the game goes, the more bets the casino hosts, the more likely it is that the hoe will win. You don’t want to enter a casino — whether online or in brick-and-mortar venues — with the intention of making a living at the card tables. Casino gaming is entertainment, a hobby or pastime that’s enjoyed with money you make from your day job.

What is the best casino game to win real money?

The best online casino game for winning real money is either video poker or blackjack. Depending on the variant of both games, you can find a house edge as low as 0.50%. In either game, if you study basic strategy, play optimally, and accept the best bonuses on the site, the effective house edge will be a bit lower (due to the bonus cash).

If you’re talking about the game that gives you the best chance to win lots of cash, then you should focus on slots, scratch cards, keno, and progressive table games like Let It Ride or Caribbean Holdem. These games have the highest house edge, though, so you’ll have the worst odds of winning.

What is the best online casino for real money legit?

When you look at publicly-audited sites, the answer changes from month to month. RNG games are random, so the expected payout percentages and real-life results vary a lot. Even large samplings of casino game results — in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of hands played and spins played — have a lot of volatility. Online casinos that don’t publish results are impossible to gauge.

The best you can do is find online casinos that offer lucrative bonuses for the games you enjoy and have a good reputation for fast and reliable payouts. Next, find a casino game like video poker or blackjack with a low house edge and learn basic strategy for those games. Read the game rules and pay table to see if the rules are what you know.

If so, you’ve found a legit real money online casino and that’s where you play. After reviewing a lot of US online casinos, we recommend sites like Wild Casino, Slots of Vegas, Planet 7 Casino, Las Atlantis Casino, and BetUS Casino.

What is the best casino slot game to win money online?

Our experts conducted a survey earlier this year of the best real money slots online for US players. They found three US online slots that have a return-to-player of 97.00% or higher. Those games are Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots from Betsoft (97.79%), Goblin’s Treasure Slots from RealTime Gaming (97.50%), and Rise of Spartans Slots from Saucify (97.00%).

Wild Casino features slots from RealTime Gaming and Betsoft, so check for Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots and Goblin’s Treasure Slots there. BetUS Casino features Betsoft slots (and others), so there’s a good chance you’ll find Good Girl, Bad Girl there. Slots of Vegas, Planet 7 Casino, and Las Atlantis Casino all have RealTime Gaming slots, so those are good options for Goblin’s Treasure Slots.

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