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What Are the Best Paying Slots in Oaklawn and Southland (Arkansas Casinos)

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I’ve searched Arkansas high and low to uncover the best slots in the state. You won’t have to look far to see Hot Springs and West Memphis leap out as the frontrunners for Arkansas gaming.

The best payout casinos you’ll find in Arkansas are Southland Park Racing and Gaming and Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. The loosest skill-based slot games in Hot Springs are Black Diamond Platinum, Wild Lepre’Coins, Fire Fortunes, and Golden Gong. The loosest skill-based slots in West Memphis are Fortune Gong, Black Diamond Platinum, Wild Wild Gems, and Easy Riches.

I’ll walk you through the current Arkansas gaming scene and the state’s 100-year gambling history in this post. We’ll also look closely at the 3 casinos in Arkansas and where you’ll find the best opportunities to win.

Arkansas Slot Machine Returns and Payouts

Gaming in Arkansas is regulated and under the direct oversight of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. More specifically, the guidelines are found under the Electronic Games of Skill Section.

This section covers not only who can operate the games but those who are eligible to play them and how much the machines must payout.

The minimum payout percentage for slot machines in Arkansas is 83%. That should immediately jump out to many of you as many states carry an 80% minimum.

However, it’s fair to keep in mind that rarely do the machines pay anywhere near a minimum range.

For example, the minimum in neighboring Louisiana is 80%. Yet, the worst payout slots in the state payout nearly 89%.

So, it’s critical to recognize that a minimum should be a somewhat comforting notion and not a solid baseline.

Fortunately, Arkansas casinos slay their minimum return to player requirements. The average payout percentage at Southland Park is 92.72%. At Oaklawn Racing Casino, the payout is slightly better at 92.81%.

For those of you unfamiliar with the return to player, anything approaching 93% is fantastic. You’ll actually get better odds in the Arkansas casinos than you’d find on the Las Vegas Strip.

Return to Player or RTP is the percentage of each dollar played on a slot machine paid back to the player. So, at 92.81%, the casino keeps an average of $7.19 from every $100 played.

Typically, that means your bankroll will slowly whittle away if you’re playing on the lower denomination machines. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the RTP may affect players differently.

Because the payout is averaged out over a long period, some players may see much better or worse results. A player that scores a significant win or any profit at all is clearly beating the predetermined edge.

That means another player will likely see an RTP well below the average. Still, over a long enough time, all players should expect an average above 92%.

VGDs Offer No Competition for Slot Machines in Arkansas

In several states without many casino gaming options, video gaming devices are a popular alternative.

Neighboring states like Louisiana have a tremendous VGD business. The games are installed in restaurants, bars, hotels, and even truck stops.

However, Arkansas gaming laws are far more strict than many of its neighbors. So, instead of covering how the VGDs offer no real competition for the casinos, let’s look at how the slots in Arkansas are played.

Arkansas gaming laws have a strict designation on the types of games allowed. More precisely, the law prohibits any games that are considered games of chance purely.

This is of significant note because many of the standard VGDs found on the open market are video poker varieties — games that are primarily considered to be skill-based.

Regardless, it seems the voting population isn’t interested in having gambling devices in hotels or restaurants.

So, the casino gamblers in the state that prefer the slot machines are given skill-based slot machines to play. These machines are primarily similar to your standard slot machines, with one crucial distinction.

The skill aspect comes from having the opportunity to choose whether to keep your original spin or spin the reels again. Imagine video poker, where you’re allowed to discard reels instead of cards after your initial spin.

This variation incorporates an element of skill for players and makes the games legal under current Arkansas gaming laws.

The law also allows for other electronic games like electronic blackjack and video poker. Still, the slots are far and away the most popular games in the state.

Table games are legal in Arkansas because they are considered skill-based. Still, slot machines account for the most significant portion of casino revenue.

Arkansas Slots Reviews (Best Slot Machines)

Oaklawn and Southland Park both offer a wide selection of denominations for slot machines. As is the case in most slot machine areas, the penny slots rule the roost.

Here are a few of the top-paying penny slots you’ll enjoy at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort:

  • Buffalo Diamond
  • Black Diamond Platinum
  • Cash Machine
  • Flippin’ Out
  • Gold Stack 88
  • River Dragons
  • Tarzan

Oaklawn also offers something for the heavy pockets of the high roller. In the high-limits area, you’ll be able to enjoy my favorite games below:

  • Double Easy Money
  • Elvis Shake Rattling Wheels
  • Heat Wave
  • Johnny Cash
  • Monopoly Money
  • Super Charged 7s

You’ll find hundreds of other titles stretched across all denominations at Oaklawn. In total, the casino offers more than 1,530 slot machines for players to enjoy.

Southland Park Casino also has a few games that stand above the rest when it comes to the best payouts. The casino boasts an impressive selection of over 2,000 games.

Here are some of the best games you’ll find at Southland Park:

  • Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond
  • Buffalo Grand
  • Dancing Drums
  • Dragon’s Riches

Southland Park also has two unique slots areas dedicated to specific game themes.

The first is Cashman Cove, where there are 26 games, all featuring the legendary Mr. Cashman. Second is Buffalo Slots featuring over 133 games dedicated to the great icon of the great plains.

One thing is sure, whether you opt for the modern money-making marvels of Mr. Cashman or the feel of Americana you get in the Buffalo Slots, Southland Park has something for everyone.

It would be best to consider that the highest RTP games in the casino are higher denomination machines. I’m not advising you to make the leap from penny slots to $1 games if it’s not in your budget.

However, going up to the nickel slots could drastically impact how much of a return you’ll be able to expect.

Arkansas Casino Reviews (Best Casinos)

I will cover the two commercial casinos in Arkansas and the lone Tribal casino in the state (which hasn’t opened its doors yet).

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is a beautiful property in Hot Springs, AR. The expansive resort offers a racetrack, casino, wedding venues, entertainment, and hotel.

As you’d expect, the hotel comes with a full-service spa. Guests can relax in the tranquil space and even make unique candles, masks, and bath treatments home to duplicate the magical experience.

Oaklawn Racing has been one of the preeminent names in thoroughbred racing since 1904. The racetrack is home to the $1 million Arkansas Derby, one of the largest races in the country.

The casino holds over 1,500 slot machines and 32 table games. The table games included the casino classics like blackjack and roulette.

You’ll also find amazing games like 3 Card Poker, Fusion Roulette, and Fusion Blackjack. This selection provides terrific opportunities for gamblers to break away from their traditional casino games.

You can cap your casino gaming off with a stint in the sportsbook. Oaklawn is your premier destination for sports betting in Arkansas.

Southland Park has many of the same amenities that you’ll find at Oaklawn. The casino has excellent dining choices, a hotel, a casino, and a racetrack.

The racetrack is vastly different from what you’ll find in Hot Springs. The racetrack here in West Memphis plays home to the greyhounds.

So, while the racing experience is vastly different, the casino itself is essentially the same. This is especially true for slot machine enthusiasts.

In addition to the 2,000 slot machines, the casino has 41 table games. Players can try their luck at blackjack, craps, and a variety of poker derivative games.

The River Valley Casino is slated to be the first tribal casino in Arkansas. The casino will be situated near Russellville, AR, and would be the lone casino operating in the state sans racetrack.

Unfortunately, the casino has faced staunch opposition despite falling within the parameters of the state’s agreement on tribal casinos.

Should the casino get off the ground, it’ll likely become a premium gambling destination in the region. It appears they have an uphill climb on their hands.

How Do Arkansas Casinos and Slots Compare to Other Nearby Casino Destinations?

Arkansas shares borders with six states. Of those six, four offer legitimate casino gambling. Texas and Tennessee being the only outliers.

Let’s look at the 4 states bordering Arkansas that offer competition.


Missouri has a total of 13 casinos. Each offers a unique gaming experience that covers all the needs of gamblers within Missouri and nearby states.

River City Casino is one of the most desirable gambling destinations in the state. The casino offers 20x craps and a $10,000 limit on blackjack.

Players also have their pick from over 1,900 slot machines in this fabulous casino in St. Louis.


Louisiana has a ton of casino options and provides some of the heaviest direct competition to Arkansas’ two casinos.

The casino industry in Louisiana is strong throughout the state, but it’s primarily focused on Shreveport and Lake Charles.

Overall, the state has 23 casinos, both commercial and tribal. Eldorado Resort Casino in Shreveport has an expansive casino floor with over 1,500 slot machines.

In Lake Charles, it’s the Golden Nugget that draws in gamblers from many states. The casino has over 1,600 of the latest slot machines on its floor and boasts some of the best RTP in Louisiana.


Mississippi shares only a small border with Arkansas but offers a large variety for the casino gambler.

There are 29 casinos in Mississippi. Some of the finest casinos in the United States lie within the state.

Beau Rivage Casino Resort is everything you could hope to find on the Las Vegas Strip on the Gulf Coast. The casino has over 1,800 of the latest slots titles for players’ enjoyment.

Mississippi has become a true force in the U.S. casino industry. The casino surge in the state has definitely been felt across the border.


The last time I was at WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, OK, I was blown away by the number of Arkansas license plates in the lot.

It’s typical for Texas plates to outnumber Oklahoma plates. Still, I was surprised to see Arkansas taking such a large percentage.

WinStar is the largest casino on the planet, and it’s stuffed to the gills with games. Players can choose from over 8,500 electronic games at WinStar.

Additional Arkansas Casino Gambling Details

Should either of the two proposed tribal casinos come to fruition, they’ll become the largest in the state.

It seems more like a question of “when” than “if,” but the struggles may continue for years.

The state’s citizens have plenty of choices for gambling if they’re comfortable getting out of town for a few days.

However, the politicians will only be able to ignore the over 3,000 jobs created and nearly $60 million in tax revenue for so long.

It looks like casino gaming is on the way up in Arkansas. The addition of casinos without the lure of racing should increase the state’s overall interest in the activity.

Ultimately, Arkansas may begin earning back the money of those currently crossing state lines to do their gambling.


The facts are that players have limited options when finding the best payout casinos in Arkansas. You have Oaklawn or Southland Park.

Perhaps, within the next few years, gamblers in the state will have more gaming choices. Until that time, many gamblers may be looking at their neighbors for casino trips.

The Best Payout Casinos in Louisiana (Loosest Slots in Shreveport and Lake Charles)

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I’ve been fortunate to play slots in each of the 23 casinos spread across Louisiana. You’re probably familiar with the big casino draws like Shreveport and Lake Charles. Still, I’ve put the time in the slot banks from Opelousas to Dry Prong.

The best payout casinos in Louisiana are Horseshoe Bossier City, Eldorado Casino Resort Shreveport, and Golden Nugget Lake Charles. The loosest slots in Shreveport are Double Diamond Deluxe, Double Classic Sevens, Pink Diamond, and Triple Gold Bars. And, the loosest slots in Lake Charles are Buffalo Inferno, 5 Dragons Rapid, and Bonus Sizzling 7.

I’ll cover everything you’ll ever need to know about all of Louisiana’s 23 casinos in this post. I’ll also tell you where you’ll find the best payouts and the loosest machines in the state.

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Louisiana Slot Machine Returns and Payouts

Louisiana has a rich gambling history, and today the industry is governed by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.

Working in lock-step with the Gaming Enforcement Division of the Louisiana State Police, the LGCB oversees everything from horse racing to casino slot machines.

One of the LGBC’s primary functions is to establish and regulate the payout limits on slot machines in the state’s casinos.

Louisiana has a theoretical payout range on casino slot machines between 80-99.9%. This number represents the percentage of every penny that a device is expected to payout to the players.

For example, a machine with a 90% payout will make $10 for the casino out of every $100 played. This oversight is essential for several reasons.

Possibly the most prominent component is what it means for the consumer. Players remain protected from predatory practices like offering games with payouts below a specific threshold.

The games with the highest payout percentage will be the most coveted on the casino floor. Or so it would seem, the sobering reality is that many slot enthusiasts fail to take this number into account.

Other players aren’t sure where to find the payout percentages for the casino cash cows. Luckily, solving the mystery of where to find the best payout on slots is easy as pie.

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety posts the average payout of slot machines for four significant reasons right here:

The report is published each month and gives you a fantastic overview of not only what areas are performing the best but what machines tend to payout above average.

As of January 2021, 12,777 slot machines were operating in Louisiana casinos. The average payout was 90.4%.

The penny slots were understandably the worst at only 89% payout on average. Meanwhile, the $50 games, of which there are only five, came in highest at an impressive 99.2%.

Taking this information into consideration before your casino trip, you can align yourself with the games that give you the best opportunity to win.

VGDs versus Slot Machines in Louisiana

Louisiana gaming law also allows for video gaming devices in a host of places most of us would least suspect them. These video poker games are permitted to operate by law in restaurants, bars, truck stops, hotels, and racetracks/off-track betting locations.

There are over 12,500 of these machines located at over 1,500 different locations throughout the state. These machines face the same oversight from the LGCB, but the licenses are vastly different.

Entities that wish to operate VGDs are assessed a franchise fee on the total revenue generated by the games. The franchise fee varies based on the type of establishment and can be found below.

  • Bars – 26%
  • Hotels – 26%
  • Restaurants – 26%
  • Racetracks/OTB – 22.5%
  • Truckstops – 32.5%

When you look at the revenue generated by the state and the abundance of gaming options for individuals, it becomes pretty clear why the games are so popular.

Figuring out payout percentages on these video gaming devices is unclear. The games require skill and strategy as opposed to the pull and pray of your average slot machine.

Still, VGDs create enormous financial benefits for the state. From January 2020 to January 2021, the state collected $357,008,064 in franchise fees.

That figure is large enough to give the state’s casinos a severe case of side-eye. Nonetheless, these franchise fees go towards important public works programs and infrastructure.

Louisiana Slots Reviews (Best Slot Machines)

Slot machines in Louisiana payout much like their famous Las Vegas cousins. This similarity is what draws players from the region.

You may find better slot payouts in many Louisiana casinos because they want to keep that money close to home. Regardless of how popular gaming in Louisiana has become, they can’t compete with the image Las Vegas has created.

So, the casinos will beef up the payouts on games to draw players to their games.

In Shreveport, the penny slots dominate the casino floor. That is a fact that is equally true throughout the state and casinos around the country.

Shreveport offers a higher payout on its penny machines. At 89.3%, it can boast having the loosest penny slots in the state.

It’s essential to keep in mind that we’re talking about fractions of a penny. However, these tiny fractions can translate into real dollars quickly.

Here are a few of the best penny slots you’ll find in Shreveport:

  • 5 Dragons Gold
  • Birds of Pay
  • Black Gold
  • Buffalo Grand
  • Fishing Bob
  • Hot Hot Super Jackpot Golden Chariots

Lake Charles is another of Louisiana’s hottest gambling destinations. The penny slots aren’t as attractive here, but the $0.05 denomination machines payout attention grabbing 93%.

The nickel games are hot in Lake Charles, and I’m going to share some of my favorites with you:

  • Mighty Cash – Lucky Tiger
  • Olympus Strikes
  • Wonder 4 Jackpots
  • Lightning Link – Bengal Treasures

The quarter slots are also a hot commodity in Lake Charles. Still, If you want the best odds in Louisiana, save up and hit the $5 games.

While it’s imperative that you find a game that offers the best returns, your primary focus should always be on fun. So, select the games that keep you engaged and entertained.

Louisiana Casino Reviews (Best Casinos)

When it comes to finding the best casinos in the state, you have many more choices than you might imagine.

In the Shreveport area, Eldorado Resort Casino checks all of the boxes. In regards to games, the casino boasts over 1,500 of the latest games to hit the market.

Eldorado has one of the most comprehensive VIP experiences in the state. The Slot Rewards Program offers a vast array of casino comps, up to and including free spins.

The slots at Eldorado offer incredible jackpots to round out their fabulous allure.

Lake Charles has been giving Shreveport a run for its money. Lake Charles is home to four fantastic casinos, but Golden Nugget Lake Charles stands above the competition.

You’ll find games from $0.01 up to $100 at Golden Nugget. Guests can choose from over 1,600 games that feature cool pop culture icons and fantastic return to player.

Whether you’re merely looking to stretch your bankroll to its limits or chasing a mammoth win on the progressive slots, Golden Nugget has got all of your slot machine needs covered.

While Lake Charles and Shreveport are the king and queen of Louisiana gaming, there’s a tribal casino making a big splash.

Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder is just a short trip from Lake Charles. This casino has erupted as having some of the loosest slots in the state.

Additionally, Coushatta has more slot machines than any place in Louisiana, thus making Coushatta a premier destination for slot players.

Many of you may not believe that Louisiana can duplicate the atmosphere of Las Vegas off the Strip. Take your slots prowess and your pocketbook to Louisiana, and what you find in the casinos there may surprise you.

How Do Louisiana Casinos and Slots Compare to Other Nearby Casino Destinations? (Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma)

You may think that being 1,409 miles from the bright lights of Sin City protects the Louisiana casinos from much competition. You couldn’t be more wrong.

There’s fierce competition within the state, for starters, with each casino fighting tooth and nail to gain and retain customers. The casinos must also compete on many levels, with the VGDs found in every nook and cranny of the state.

Still, the competition across state lines proves to be the most challenging for the Louisiana casinos.

Louisiana shares a border with Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Arkansas and Mississippi both have varying levels of competition.

Texas has no real casinos to speak of but provides another critical challenge. Texas is the largest of the 48 contiguous states. With no casinos, its residents travel out of state to do their gambling.

Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth are two of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. So, when it comes to filling the casinos, Louisiana relies heavily upon this area.

For years, this was a no-brainer for Texans looking to get in some casino action. The tribal bingo halls in Oklahoma were no match for the large casinos in Louisiana that had the financial backing of the casino industry.

Not to mention the glitz and glamour one expects upon arriving at a full-fledged casino. Gamblers expect a spectacle, and the nondescript slots rooms of Oklahoma didn’t provide much.

However, things have changed dramatically over the past decade. WinStar World Casino is located just an hour north of DFW and is now the world’s largest casino. Choctaw Casino in Durant may be considered by many to be the little brother of WinStar (no relation). Still, the casino offers every game that you’ll find in Louisiana or Las Vegas within 45 minutes of downtown Dallas.

Arkansas doesn’t steal many customers from Louisiana, but some players would still prefer to stick close to home.

Mississippi has blossomed as a casino destination and significantly impacted the casino action enjoyed by Louisiana. While the slots payouts are relatively standard across the board, travel costs have more people playing slots in their own backyard.

Additional Louisiana Casino Gambling Details

Lousiana first got back in the game as a result of legislation that allowed for riverboat gambling. A nod to the region’s rich heritage.

Since 1991 when the bill passed, Louisiana has seen its share of successes and failures. I’d say a thriving gaming industry that currently has 23 casinos operating within its borders is one of the highlights.

Here are the 23 casinos that you can currently sit down and enjoy your favorite spinning reels in Louisiana:

  • Boomtown New Orleans
  • Boomtown Bossier City
  • Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport
  • Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots
  • Golden Nugget Lake Charles
  • Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City
  • Amelia Belle Casino
  • Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel
  • Harrah’s Louisiana Downs
  • Harrah’s New Orleans Casino & Hotel
  • Evangeline Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel
  • Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lake Charles
  • Belle of Baton Rouge Casino Hotel
  • Coushatta Casino Resort
  • L’auberge Casino Hotel Lake Charles
  • L’auberge Casino Hotel Baton Rouge
  • Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel
  • Jena Choctaw Pines Casino
  • Horseshoe Bossier City
  • Paragon Casino Resort
  • Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge
  • Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino
  • Treasure Chest Casino

The sheer volume of casinos in Louisiana is something that neighboring states can’t rival. That makes Louisiana a must-visit for slot players looking for the pinnacle when it comes to variety.

For those of you who think a move to Louisiana sounds excellent, you’re probably onto something. The state provides a wealth of cultural history and outdoor activities.

You can even legally own your own slot machine, provided it’s at least 25 years old.


The best payout casinos in Louisiana come in a variety of establishments. Whether you choose the loosest slots in Shreveport, make a turn south to Lake Charles, or venture to one of the state’s tribal casinos, Louisiana is a slot machine aficionado’s dream.