How Are Slot Machines Programmed?

Have you ever asked yourself, “how are slot machines programmed?” Modern slot machines don’t rely on physical reels. Outside of a few vintage games meant for amusement than serious gambling, every slot in a modern casino runs like a computer program. They all use technology like random number generators and algorithms to mimic random results. … Read more

What Slot Machines Win the Most? (In Vegas and Elsewhere)

Slot machines come in many different formats. There are different denominations, minimum and max bet sizes, and in-game features and gimmicks. Since slots have different player odds, they also come with different overall odds of winning. That means some slot machines payout more wins than others. But what slot machines win the most? Advantage play … Read more

Can Casinos Control Slot Machines?

Do you wonder if casinos can control slot machines and rig the games so that nobody ever really wins? That’s among the most common gambling myths. Like any good myth, this one has a real-world origin. Casinos can and do manipulate the rules and other features to ensure that the house always profits. This isn’t … Read more

Harley Davidson Slots (Play Free IGT Games at Online Casinos)

Harley Davidson slots is a game designed by IGT. It’s based on the most famous motorcycle company in the world. The online slot machine uses the Harley Davidson motorcycle shield, biker gear, and examples of Harley Davidson motorcycles as symbols. Motorcycles enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this slots game. But is there anything that sets … Read more