Atlantic City Slot Machines (Jackpots and Payout Percentages)

Atlantic City is the number one slot machine destination on the East Coast, and Atlantic City is second only to Las Vegas in terms of worldwide gambling interest. Not bad for a city which has only offered casino gambling for less than 40 years. (Atlantic City has been a resort destination for 150 years, but only relatively recently (1976) did all the casinos spring up on the Boardwalk there.)

Slot machines in Atlantic City are available in almost every denomination you could imagine. According to World Casino Directory site, Atlantic City boasts over 43,000 slot machine games. (And over 1400 table games, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.)




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  • 200% Casino Bonus up to $5,000


  • 320% up to $3,000


  • 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000


  • 100% up to $250 Casino Bonus


  • 250% up to $2,500

Atlantic City Slots – Denominations

You can find Atlantic City slots in the following denominations:

  • Penny Slots
  • Nickel Slots
  • Quarter Slots
  • Dollar Slots
  • Five Dollar Slots
  • High Stakes Slots (You can find slot machines in Atlantic City where you can wager $500 a spin.)

Atlantic City Slot Clubs

No matter what denomination slot machine game fits your budget best, you should always join the slots club at whatever Atlantic City casino you play at. Joining the slot club is the single best investment a gambler can make. (Besides saving their money and not gambling at all, and where’s the fun in that?) Every time you spin the reels, you earn points toward comp food, comp room and board, comp show tickets, and whatever else you can think of. Gambling rewards offer a lot more than just a free cocktail or two.

Also, you can find information about denominations and payback percentages at the individual casinos in Strictly Slots and Casino Player magazines. You can use that information to find the best slot machine gambling casino options in Atlantic City. The trick is to find the casinos which offer the best payout percentages for the games of the denomination you want to play.

More Atlantic City Casinos:

3 or 4 more casinos are planned to be launched in Atlantic City, but they’re all in various stages of development. These include:

  • MGM Grand Atlantic City
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Planet Hollywood

You can find more information here about Atlantic City hotels. They offer great hotel rates and deals, and tons of information if you can’t decide where to stay.

Atlantic City Gambling

Atlantic City offers other gambling options besides slots. The casinos there also offer a full array of table games, including blackjack, roulette, and craps. And video poker games are also popular there. The New Jersey lottery is another gambling option, and they also offer a racetrack.

By the way, the Boardwalk in Atlantic City is the same Boardwalk that’s featured in the game Monopoly. In fact, all of the streets and avenues in the game of Monopoly are named after real locations in Atlantic City.

Over the last 5 to 10 years, more and more states in the Northeast have been legalizing and regulating gambling and slot machines. Some worry that Atlantic City slots might not generate the kinds of revenue they have in the past because of the increased competition from slot machines located in places like the Philadelphia Park racetrack. The Atlantic City smoking ban adds to those concerns. After all, people who like to gamble often like to smoke too.