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Although those in the United States may not be aware of it, Australia has a very big gambling industry. And when it comes to the most popular games, slot machines have ruled the land down under for quite a few years. Taking advantage of this is one of the largest slot machine producers in the world, Aristocrat. They are responsible for the production of 90 percent of the slot machines in Australia. As you can see, Aristocrat Slot Machines have more or less have this market monopolized, and this has been the case for quite a few years.

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Aristocrat Slots History

The Aristocrat gaming company opened for business in 1953. They got their start early on with a classic game known as The Clubman. Despite the fact that the company did not become known as Aristocrat until 1955, it was still cashing in on this industry from day one.

By 1960, Aristocrat had begun to sell to the European casinos as well. This was a great way for the company to expand their sales, and of course, expand their line of machines at the same time. But just like most foreign companies of this type, Aristocrat decided to stay away from the American market during the early days. After all, they did not have the staying power to compete with the American giants early on.

In 1989, Aristocrat began selling publicly on the Australian Stock Exchange.This led to a large amount of money going to the company, which gave them the ability to increase sales in a number of different ways.

In 2000, Aristocrat took a big step by becoming licensed to sell their slot machines in the United States. Although the company had an office in Las Vegas as early as 1965, it was not until 35 years later that all of the legal implications had been cleared. This same year, Aristocrat began to sell their machines in Japan as well. It is safe to say that the turn of the century was when Aristocrat began to take things to the next level.

Aristocrat produces the slot machine known as Queen of the Nile slots. This is the most popular game of this type in Australia. The main benefit of this game is the bonus round that offers 15 extra spins. The money that is won during these spins is tripled. This can lead to large jackpots, to say the least.

Dolphin Treasure slots is another popular Aristocrat slot machine. Although it is similar to Queen of the Nile, there are some minor differences. Most noticeably, this game offers a bonus of 150,000 coins.

Other popular slot machines by Aristocrat include Reel Power, Lady Luck, 50 Lions slots, and Penguin Pays slots.

Although Aristocrat is most well known for their slot machines, the company also dabbles a bit in the video poker industry.

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