The Almighty Dollar Slots (VGT Slot Machine Review)

Do you worship the almighty dollar? Does this carry over to the casino? In this case, there is one game that is perfect for you: Almighty Dollar slots. This game, brought to you by Video Gaming Technologies (VGT), is all about money. From the symbols to the bonus rounds and everything in between, everywhere you look you will be seeing dollar signs.

The Almighty Dollar Slot Machines: Where to Play

You are not going to find Almighty Dollar slots in many “traditional” casinos. Instead, if you want to play this game you have to visit one of the many Native American Indian casinos located throughout the United States. Anytime I get the urge to play Almighty Dollar slot machines I head for Oklahoma. Both WinStar Casino and Choctaw offer this game, as well as many others from VGT including Mount Cashmore slots and Mr. Money Bags slots among others.

The Almighty Dollar Machines: How to Play

The Almighty Dollar slots will quickly bring you to your knees – if you are lucky enough to hit it big. Before you can think about winning you need to know how to play this VGT slot machine.

The setup includes one payline and three reels with a three coin maximum bet. With a $25 denomination this game is not for players on a budget. Several ways to win big, including a top award of 1,000 credits, makes this game difficult to pass by.

As you spin the reels you will see many images, all of which are based around the theme of money. Symbols include dollar signs and bars of gold.

The Almighty Dollar Slots Red Screen Free Spin Bonus

If bonus games get you excited, Almighty Dollar slots will once again suit your needs. Like many VGT games, this game features the Red Screen Free Spin Bonus. If your screen turns red you are headed to the bonus round in which you receive several free spins.

Depending on the casino you choose, you may also find Almighty Dollar slot machines that are customized with bonus blast games including Lucky Pluck, Rainin’ Rubies, Pick a Pot, Pick a Duck, Winning Wheel, Victory Lap, and Pick a Safe.

My Experience with The Almighty Dollar Slots

Let me be honest: I don’t play Almighty Dollar slots as often as other VGT games. That being said, if I am in the mood for a high-end game this is where I start. The last time I played, I quickly found myself in a $75 hole. Fortunately, my luck changed in no time and I actually left with an extra $50 in my pocket. From my experience, as well as what others have told me, you have a very good chance of winning when you play this machine.

If you have the money to play high denomination games, I strongly suggest Almighty Dollar slot machines!

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