If you are interested in showing your patriotism, you may want to consider playing 7’s and Bars slots from Rival Software. These slot machines have a lot to offer those who love the United States, and of course, those who are simply looking for a way to win some money through slot machines. With red, white, and blue colors, there is no denying that this game is patriotic.

Game Features

The nice thing about 7’s and Bars slot machines is that they are easy to follow along with. This is the case because the game consists of only one pay line and three reels. This is a classic slot machine, and one that will never confuse you. In fact, most people agree that 7’s and Bars slots are just about as simple as they come.

Playing 7’s and Bars

When playing, you can bet anywhere from one nickel up to five dollars. Since you can bet up to three coins, the maximum wager is $15. For those players interested in winning the big jackpot, it is necessary to bet the maximum amount. This may sound like a lot, but when compared to other games, 7’s and Bars slots actually have a low maximum bet.

The top prize is $12,500. This is far from being the largest payout by a slot machine, but for a small risk you have the chance to win this much money. Many people feel that the risk to reward ratio with this game is perfect.

All in all, 7’s and Bars slots will lend a lot of fun to your betting life, while also giving you the chance to win some money. And remember, this game is just about as patriotic as they come!

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